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The Best Drinks For a Healthy Mouth

A big factor toward keeping teeth healthy is maintaining a proper diet. But, this diet should not stop at the food you eat, it should spread to your drinks as well. Changes to the pH balance of your mouth start the moment food or drinks pass your lips.

Sugary foods get turned into acids by bacteria and these acids eat away at your teeth. Your enamel goes first. Once it is gone, the dentin is exposed and the decay process will continue unless it is treated.

The liquids you drink do not need to be boring. It is common sense that sugary drinks, such as soda, artificially sweetened fruit drinks, and teas with large amounts of sugars are bad news for teeth. We now have more beverage choices than ever before, and that can make it easy to give in to the call of sugar. Fighting these urges provides its own reward by keeping your body running smoothly.

Water is by far the best liquid for your mouth health. It contains no sugar, no calories and every part of your body craves it. Water is easily accessible and on a hot day there is nothing more soothing than a nice glass of ice water. Unfortunately, people do not drink as much water as they really should.

Water encourages saliva production and saliva washes away bacteria, this keeps those bacteria at bay. Water also helps digestion which keeps stomach acid at bay. Most tap water contains fluoride, this means it is a good choice if your water isn’t filled with other chemicals. Look carefully at flavored waters, though they are water some have large amounts of sugar as an added ingredient.

Milk is another excellent choice to keep your teeth healthy. Milk contains calcium, vitamin D, and protein. For the lactose intolerant, lactose-free milk options are available which provide all of the nutrition of milk. If one of the substitutes doesn’t blend with your palette, try another one. With all the varieties now available there is sure to be an option that is appealing.

Despite what you have been led to believe, “fruit juice” may contain very little juice. The varieties which are actually 100% juice can be great for your teeth. Juices that have a lot of acid in them, orange juice, etc… are not as good for your teeth as the non-acidic types, like pear and apple. If you are in doubt, shop at an organic food seller to find the best all-natural juice choices.

As a general rule, clear teas are better for oral health than dark teas. The darker ones can stain teeth, but any tea with added sugar will wreak havoc. Always remember to read the labels or go with a brand you know when buying tea. Clear teas act in a similar manner as water. They give your mouth a much-needed rinse between meals.

Proper dental care starts with putting good quality foods into your body, drinks should be no different. If caffeine and sugar cannot be avoided, try replacing your sugar with an all-natural substitute, like agave or stevia and brush between drinks.

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