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When is the Right Time to Remove a Wisdom Tooth

When is the Right Time to Remove a Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom tooth the third molar in the back of your mouth causes extensive pain when grows up. Usually, it doesnt have enough space to grow completely or it remains hidden inside the gums. It grows at various angles and disturbs the structure of the mouth. No need to remove it if its healthy and positioned correctly. But there are some cases when it becomes necessary to remove it.

Right Time of Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Some opinions suggest wisdom tooth extraction when its not emerged fully. Its a good practice to remove it at an early age or stage of eruption because at that time root and bone structure are not fully formed and damage to adjacent teeth are not at its advanced phases.

  • Pain and Infection are main symptoms of wisdom teeth complication. In the case of server pain, you should immediately visit our office in order determine the right course to follow. However, we will make sure that you dont have any other medical issue and you are physically fit.
  • Its the right time to remove the wisdom tooth if it remains completely hidden inside the gums and fail to emerge normally. Leaving wisdom tooth under such conditions results in cyst and infection.
  • The removal of wisdom teeth becomes necessary when there are chances of teeth crowdedness as it could allow the food to get impacted causing damage such as cavity to the adjacent teeth. Repeated infections in the soft tissue, tumours, and fluid-filled sacs are some other issues happen due to the wisdom tooth. Its better to remove wisdom tooth as earlier as you observe these symptoms.

Risks of Wisdom Tooth Removal

Always get the services of an experienced dentist for tooth extraction because its a sensitive surgery as directly connected to nerves. Dr.Jean-Jacques Edderai usually works very close with maxillofacial surgeons in order to refer most cases of wisdom teeth extraction. Slow healing, excess bleeding, loss of blood clot are problem that many patients face after the removal of wisdom tooth. In dry socket, the protective blood clot is lost so soon and cause slow healing.

Difficulty in opening jaw and numbness in the mouth or lips are the rare side effects of wisdom tooth extraction. Consult with Dr.Jean-Jacques Edderai as he is the only person who can decide the right time of wisdom tooth extraction after checking the current situation.

Its never too late, before addressing any issue related to your smile, gums, teeth, or other oral problems consult with Dr. Jean-Jacques Edderai. A dental prophylaxis or cleaning including our check-up every three to four months will allow Dr. Edderai to keep a watchful eye on your oral health and prevent cavities or minor problem before they start. For answers to some of the most commonly asked questions, visit my FAQ page at

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