What are Braces?

Miami braces dentistPopular among teens and adults, braces can dramatically improve one’s appearance while correcting a variety of dental health issues. Crooked, crowded, and widely spaced teeth can benefit from braces, and Dr. Edderai can also create a comfortable bite, which helps prevent TMJ disorder and teeth grinding. Various types of braces exist; Dr. Edderai will help you choose the kind that’s best for your smile.

Although the ideal age for braces is between 9 and 16, when the bone tissue is pliable, anyone who is dissatisfied with his or her teeth should consider braces. Statistics show that more adults than ever are using braces to straighten their teeth and improve their self-confidence. Popular options for inconspicuous adult braces include clear braces and lingual braces.

The types of braces Dr. Edderai offers include:
  • Traditional metal braces Modern brackets are smaller than in the past, making them less noticeable. However, many adults do not like to have metal showing in their mouths. Still, metal braces are often the best option for relatively fast, comfortable treatment.
  • Tooth-colored or clear braces Invisible braces feature plastic brackets that are either clear or tooth-colored. Clear braces use the same wire-and-bracket technology as traditional braces, while offering a less noticeable appearance. Dr. Edderai is recognized as a top provider of Invisalign in Miami.
  • Lingual braces Placed on the underside of teeth, lingual braces will not show when you smile. They can be used for patients of all ages and are custom designed according to your unique needs. While a good option for esthetically conscious patients, lingual braces can create some difficulty with speech and oral hygiene.

Dr. Edderai will thoroughly examine your teeth to determine which type of braces will work best in your situation.

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