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7 foods for healthy eyes

7 foods for healthy eyes


Eyes are the most sensitive parts of the body. A single mistake or negligence can snatch the power of watching the beautiful colors of this world. That’s why always try to take good care of your eyes through getting rid of the different problems of the eyesight, which are very common in these days. The best way to keep your eyes fit is to eat different fruits, vegetables and meat. There are nutrients and vitamins in the fruits, vegetables and meat which will keep your eyes healthy.




Following is the list of those fruits and vegetables, which everyone should use in the daily life for healthy eyes:


Spinach is included in green and leafy vegetables and all the vegetables of these types are very good for the eyesight. There are a high amount of Lutein in the spinach due to its green and leafy shape which helps in preventing the cells damage. It also helps in making the muscles of the eyes strong which will increase your eyesight. That’s why always try to eat Spinach in every week to keep your eyes healthy.

Red Carrots:

Carrots are famous for its sweet taste and it is more effective for the eyesight. The presence of vitamin B-12 in this vegetable makes it much useful for the eyes. There is also Beta-carotene in it which is a type of vitamin A, it helps the retina and some other parts of the eyes to work smoothly.


The yellowish part of the egg which is known as the yolk is very beneficial for the eyes. There are lutein and zeaxanthin plus zinc in the yolk of the egg, which prevents the degeneration risk of your muscles. This problem is very common in the old age that’s why you have to try to eat eggs (Not in excessive amount) to keep your eyes healthier.



Nuts and dry food:

Your eyes will not get old with the passage of time if you will eat dry food like apricot, nuts, and almonds etc. Because these foods have a lot of vitamin E, which will reduce the eyes muscles degeneration and cataract. These foods are tasty and rich in vitamins.


This is a vegetable with full of different vitamins. Some people called it “Storehouse of Vitamins”. There are a lot of vitamins in it, which are essential for the health of eyes, for example, vitamin A, potassium, Vitamin C and beta carotene etc. These vitamins will keep your eyes healthier and you will not face any problem related to your eyesight.


Chicken is probably the most favorite meat in the world and many people love to it different dishes made from it. Those people will be happy after hearing that chicken has proteins, zinc, calcium and different vitamins like vitamin B in it which are very good for the eyesight. The chicken will sharp your eyes.


Grapes are rich in Vitamin C and many other fruits which have sour taste are beneficial for the eyes. These fruits will help in preventing the degeneration of muscles of eyes. Everyone should eat these fruits daily.

This is all about the foods which are very beneficial for the eyes and everyone should eat these foods to keep their eyes healthier. If you will not eat these foods then you can face different problems related to eyesight which is very common in these days. That’s why you have to eat these foods to keep your eyes sharp and healthier.


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