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Dental Crowns


Dental Crowns

What are Dental Crowns?

Sometimes referred to as caps, dental crowns cover existing teeth, restoring strength, function, and beauty. Patients with extensive tooth decay, broken teeth or cracked teeth that cannot be repaired with bonded fillings often require dental crowns. We can also use crowns to anchor a bridge, enhance the appearance of teeth, and restore teeth treated with root canals. A renowned Miami dental crowns provider, Dr. Edderai offers several types of crowns to suit your unique needs.Dental Crowns

Metal – Made from gold, palladium, nickel alloy, or chromium alloy, metal crowns withstand the tremendous biting forces of back teeth. Biocompatible and long-lasting, metal crowns have proven to be a reliable method of tooth restoration.

All-Porcelain/Ceramic – Crowns comprised exclusively of porcelain offer unrivaled beauty. Often used for front teeth, all-porcelain crowns closely resemble natural teeth and can be designed to blend with your existing dentition.

Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM) – For North Miami Beach dental crowns patients who need back teeth restored, and don’t want metal showing, PFM crowns can provide a beautiful and durable solution. Fashioned from a metal framework and outer layers of porcelain, PFM crowns are created to closely resemble natural teeth.

Dr. Edderai proudly offers CEREC one-visit crowns. These all-ceramic crowns can be designed, manufactured, and placed in a single visit to our office. CEREC features CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design/ Computer-Aided Milling) technology, which allows Dr. Edderai to design and fabricate the crown right here, in our dental office. Patients love the convenience of CEREC crowns, as well as the highly esthetic results.

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