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Alternative to Braces


I Don’t Want Braces

Although braces prove effective in many situations, most adults would rather avoid the hassle and discomfort, if at all possible. Some adults who have worn braces in the past find the results unsatisfactory or find it difficult to continue treatment with a retainer. In these cases, Dr. Edderai may suggest a popular alternative to braces – Lumineers.Alternative to Braces

Also called instant orthodontics, Lumineers conceal spaces and misalignments, as well as improve the color, shape, and texture of the teeth. Made from contact-lens thin layers of fine porcelain, Lumineers do not require tooth reduction prior to placement. In just 2 or 3 visits, Lumineers can give you a flawless, Hollywood-ready smile – without the pain or hassle of traditional braces.

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Not all cases are right for Lumineers. As your cosmetic dentist, Dr. Edderai will carefully evaluate your teeth and oral health to determine if Lumineers are appropriate for you. Other alternatives to braces include porcelain veneers and dental crowns.

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