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How to Find the Right Denture Adhesive

The only thing worse than an improperly fitting denture is when your denture adhesive fails to help. There are many claims, from many manufacturers about how long their adhesive lasts, which one has the strongest hold, tastes the best, the list goes on. Essentially, there is some degree of trial and error.

Everyone’s mouth is slightly different, but there are some key things to keep in mind when picking out a denture adhesive brand. The first thing to become familiar with is the main types of adhesives: cream/paste, powder, strips, pads, woven cloth strips, and wafers. The specific differences between these will be discussed in a later article.

Dentures are made out of a hard type of resin or porcelain. This material makes them stronger. Once dentures (partial or full) are molded they are no longer flexible with the naturally occurring changes to your bone structure. After several years, they will usually need to be re-molded to fit your mouth (for more information on dentures visit:

The denture adhesives available are supposed to make your denture feel more comfortable and to strengthen the hold they have to your natural gum line. They also provide a cushion between your soft gums and the hard plastic. But, not everyone needs adhesive. If your dentures have a secure fit on their own, you may not need to use any. Just keep in mind that for certain occasions, an adhesive can prevent them from slipping out at inopportune times.

Any denture wearer will tell you there are some foods which cannot be eaten. Hard carrots, most nuts, corn on the cob, and even a tough steak can be painful and difficult to eat. How well an adhesive holds should be on the top of your list. When you apply the cream, powder, paste, etc… to your denture make sure it is dry. Water can prevent the glue from sticking, making it impossible for your dentures to be held in place.

Everyone knows what it feels like to get something caught in their teeth. This experience pales in comparison to having a small piece of food land in between your gum line and dental device. It can be awkward when this happens in public. Look for how firm the seal is. If bits of food get through, try a different brand or type.

The health of your whole body is very important so regardless of what method you choose make sure the product is zinc-free. In large enough quantities, zinc can have major negative effects on your health.

You can’t do much about the bad taste that comes from using adhesives. All you can do is remove them as quickly as possible. Flavored and all-natural products help, but it’s not going to be fantastic… Ever. Just be prepared and remove your paste as soon as possible. If you want to maintain your hold all day, be sure to avoid super hot liquids. Make regular visits to your dentist for denture adjustments to ensure they have the longest lifespan possible.

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