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Potential Alzheimer’s disease Therapy Targets Oral Bacteria

08 Aug 2019   Dentistry Today Industry News Potential Alzheimer’s Disease Therapy Targets Oral Bacteria Porphyromonas gingivalis doesn’t just cause periodontal disease. It also has been linked with Alzheimer’s and other degenerative diseases. Now, pharmaceutical company Cortexyme Inc is testing a gingipain inhibitor called COR388 that targets the bacterium in its international Phase 2/3 GAIN trial … Read more

Effects of Marijuana on Oral Health

In the last decade, cannabis or marijuana use has shifted from being a taboo and hush subject to the next cool thing. The hundreds of studies and research to discover the seemingly limitless fascinating benefits to marijuana use has played various roles in its acceptance by the general public. This was further promoted by the … Read more

Application of Stem Cells in Dental Tissue Engineering: An Experiment

Stems cells in the body, also called as non-differentiated cells, have the astounding ability to help perform miracles. These stem cells can be categorized on the basis of specialized function, making the cells able to perform different functions for the body. Their ability of differentiation allows stem cells to help repair damaged tissues, tissue regeneration … Read more

5 Easy Ways to Take Care of Your Gums

People concerning oral health usually think only about their teeth. However, no matter how shining and cavity free your teeth are, you can still be vulnerable to gum diseases which need to be looked after. Although gum diseases are not usually painful, they can cause various problems to your health in the future. So, here … Read more

8 Easy Ways to protect your Teeth from Cavity

Are you worried about teeth cavity and looking for some reliable solution? Your mouth and teeth are, in fact, the gateway for everything you eat. Therefore, it is essential to take care of your teeth to sustain overall health. A healthy eating routine can help you keep your teeth protected from the cavity, additionally; you … Read more

Marijuana Treatment In Dentistry and Medically Compromised Patient

Is smoking Marijuana detrimental for your teeth? The pre-conceived notion that cigarettes aren’t good for molars, pre-molars, and incisors isn’t obscure; we’ve known this from antiquity. But what about smoking Marijuana? Is that alarming as well? Such questions might irritate you when it comes to your oral health. So, let us find the truth! Research … Read more

8 Natural Cures for Common Dental Issues

Have you ever felt a toothache, sensitivity, discomfort or any other tooth infection? Well, tooth related problems are, without any doubt, among the freakiest ones that let you forget everything and badly effects your daily routine. To treat common dental issues, there are several natural cures and home remedies giving some instant relief to serious … Read more

Catharsis: From Grief To Freedom

A lot of controversies surround catharsis as a therapeutic healing solution. In time past,catharsis has been used for diseases of the soul, like in the case of Plato where he evolved averbal catharsis for healing the soul while in his own, Aristotle established catharsis of passionvia tragic drama.Catharsis has been used by medical practitioners to … Read more

Reasons why you are always Tired

  It is a normal phenomenon to be tired, maybe as a result of engaging in strenuous exercise. However, it becomes a thing of concern if it is a continuous occurrence. It is imperative to seek for medical attention if you observe that you are always getting exhausted especially when you wake up in the … Read more

The Benefits of Biophilia

Naturalist and biologist believe that humans have a tendency to search for connections with other forms of life such as nature. This innate biological tendency is known as biophilia. Individuals who have understood how biophilia works has utilized it to cure several forms of emotional problems by getting a nature fix for promoting physical health, … Read more