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What’s in the Meat We Eat?

The United States has a lot going for it… diversity, free enterprise, a thriving movie industry, and much more. It is enough to make some countries jealous. But, one area of the U.S. lifestyle they will never envy… our diet. Many of the “foods” we eat here are outlawed in other countries due to safety concerns. This rarely sways us, though, we throw on another steak never thinking about what, besides meat, is really in there?

You may think that relaxed safety regulations on the part of the Department of Agriculture are a sign that our meat is getting safer. But, they made this decision while blatantly ignoring the cleaning supplies, gas, metals, drug residues, nitrates, hormones, and other unwanted contaminants still found in our meat. For information on counteracting the effects on your teeth, go to
Unless you are buying your meat certified organic or from a rancher whose practices you know, you will never know what is in your meat. After all, it’s not like any company wants to put “growth hormone” on their label. The worst of the offenders are antibiotics, cleaning products, and bacteria.

It is common knowledge that meat manufacturers use antibiotics to prevent disease in cattle and to force them to grow. When these animals cross our dinner table, they are only allowed X amount of the drug residue to be in the animal’s system as they can’t be cooked away.

What you don’t know is that most meat is way over the legal limit, but sold anyway. The scariest part is that many of the antibiotics and hormones found in our meat right before we eat it are specifically labelled “not for human consumption.” Exposure to some of these antibiotics has even been linked with human death. It is mind blowing that these are not only allowed, but encouraged.

Cleaning Products

The fact that more and more cows are being squeezed into tiny spaces can only lead to the inevitable… disease. Antibiotics are losing their effectiveness, as a result, meat manufacturers are trying all sort of things without regard for the consequences on anything other than the bottom line.

To stop the spread of germs (especially E-coli), manufacturers are trying ammonia, chlorine, bleach, gasses, radiation and sprays made out of viruses. It doesn’t stop at beef either as up to 99% of poultry farm dip their birds in chlorinated water to cool them.

Maybe the fact that we are being fed poisons could be justified if the harmful bacteria were gone, but they’re not. In fact, they are becoming stronger and more resistant to anything we throw at them. These bacteria are in about half of the poultry, beef, and pork in the U.S. Bacteria impact the health of your body and your mouth. See details at

Several years ago there were massive recalls of turkey and chicken because two deadly strains of salmonella, Salmonella Heidelberg and Salmonella Hadar. Both varieties are so deadly that authorities warned people to seal it so that wildlife would not be killed.

The list of contaminants in our meat goes on to include hormones, heavy metals, mad cow disease, nitrites and nitrates, and carbon monoxide. It makes me wonder if all the new diseases in this country aren’t a direct result of the “food-like product” we are unknowingly consuming?

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