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THC as a Treatment: The Top Diseases MMJ is Currently Fighting

THC as a Treatment: The Top Diseases MMJ is Currently Fighting


There are millions of people taking countless types of medications in the world. Some are medications are taken simply to counteract the side-effects of other medications. All in all, some patients take a dozen medications and still feel no relief.

The pharmaceutical industry makes billions, yes that’s with a “B,” of dollars every year. But, they are getting some stiff competition from one natural remedy that is quickly turning into a “cure-all” across the country. Even if all doctors and dentists haven’t come to a consensus on marijuana’s many benefits, those who use it usually swear by it.

As the use of medical, and recreational, marijuana grows, the stigma around it may have no choice but to fade into memory. In the next decade, we will likely see universal approval for the use of the cannabinoid producing plant. Below are listed the diseases that marijuana is already impacting. These will likely be among the first to get federal approval to use THC as a treatment.

Alzheimer’s: This is a cruel disease that slowly strips a patient of their memories and cognitive functions until it ultimately leads to death. In recent studies, Alzheimer’s patients that were prescribed cannabinoids were able to gain weight and showed a reduction in agitation. Furthermore, one theory for the cause of Alzheimer’s is a buildup of protein deposits. When patients took concentrated THC, these deposits did not build as quickly. While this isn’t necessarily it cure, it is a good lead and in the meantime, any improvement made to their quality 419724647949800 of life should be welcomed.

Chronic pain: Several studies conducted on both animals and people have shown that using marijuana can induce an analgesic effect. This is medical jargon for pain relieving. Some research shows a pain decrease of as much as 30%. This is far from a new idea, though. As far back as the early 1800’s, there are documented reports of people using marijuana in one form or another to relieve pain. In some European countries and in Canada, Sativex (a cannabis-based drug) has gotten approval.

Cancer: There are few words as frightening to hear as “cancer.” The benefits of MMJ for cancer patients is three-fold. First, studies on animals show that a marijuana extract can kill cancer cells. A separate study revealed that it can stop the growth of new cancer cells. Secondly, using marijuana prevents nausea that comes with chemo. Many patients are able to regain much of their original appetite. Third, research suggests that a person’s body will respond better to the chemoradiation when they “toke up” before treatment.

Asthma: It seems a bit counterintuitive that smoking something could actually help with asthma, but it’s true. It is worth noting that not all patients in this study had improvement. Some complained about a tightness in their chest and throat. Those who did not have tightness reported breathing better than they had.

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