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Gold Teeth Going Away as White Smile Craze Takes Over

Gold Teeth Going Away as White Smile Craze Takes Over

A decade or so ago, to “bling” out your mouth in gold teeth was all the craze. While it is still popular in certain circles, more people are looking for a healthy, realistic look. During the height of its popularity, the gold-tooth craze was bringing in about $2.7 billion to the gold industry every year. Unfortunately for the industry, this number has dropped by 60% in the last five years.

The use of better ceramics, CEREC machines, and the outrageous price for gold have all contributed to its decline in the dental industry. The thing about fads is that they come into style, then go out of style just as quickly. Some fads, like tie-dye, eventually come back into style, only to disappear once more. Whether gilded teeth ever come back into fashion, only time will tell.

Having teeth fixed or fashioned with gold is not a new concept. As far back as 630 BCE, gold was used by the Etruscans to make dental bridges. Women of the upper class would remove an incisor (or two) and have it replaced with a golden tooth. This was a symbol of their status and standing in society.

Dental patients today have more choices and options than ever before. Ceramic crowns, laser whitening, bleaching, and advances in cosmetic dentistry make it possible for anyone to have the whitest and brightest smile of their whole lives. Gold can still be used on the back teeth as a filling, but many people still prefer the ceramic type.

When it comes to the back teeth, a gold crown is very strong and enables a lot of preservation to the tooth structure. It will not fracture like porcelain can. When done by a qualified dentist, a gold filling or crown can last a very, very long time. The downside, aside from its golden glow, is the price tag on gold. Even with the drop in price, it is still over $1,200 an ounce, making it too expensive for the average household budget. In comparison, you could get six or so composite resin fillings for the price of one gold tooth.

Nowadays, a gold “grill” is usually seen on celebrities. Regardless of if you go for the natural look or want to your mouth to sparkle like the sun, a dentist can make your smile into whatever you want it to be.

In ten years it is possible that the stark white smiles will fade away as most trends do. In its place, we may see people going for the natural look, slightly less than white, with flaws and character. No matter what trends take hold, a healthy mouth will ALWAYS be in fashion. So between your cosmetic visits, make sure to get those brushings, flossings, and dental visits in. It is much easier to whiten and brighten your teeth when they are healthy to begin with.

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