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Effects of Bad Oral Hygiene on Mental Acuity

It is inherent in every parent that they want what is best for their children, from good grades to proper posture to never having to want for anything. While many parents encourage their children to brush regularly to avoid cavities, there is more importance related to oral health than simply a white smile. All of the habits of dental maintenance instituted in children will be likely to follow them into adulthood.

When a child has to eat with aching or cavity ridden teeth or teeth which are broken, they do not chew properly. This leads to food being swallowed in larger pieces which prevents the proper extraction of nutrients. Often, this technique for eating food will lead to weight gain which, in turn, affects the self-esteem of a child.

A child with body image issues is likely to not retain as much information from their classes or participate fully in activities out of embarrassment. This will also occur when children have broken or dingy teeth. The social interaction of a child is hindered as well. This plays a direct role in the psychological development of the child. Self-esteem issues, especially those related to obesity may follow a child well into their adult life.

The mouth is a gateway to every organ in the body, an infection in the mouth will either directly or indirectly expose the rest of the body to the bacteria within it. When teeth are infected or full of cavities, there is an abundance of bacteria which have no barrier preventing them from entering the brain. Research has been done which shows a correlation between bad oral hygiene and more serious issues such as, heart disease, problematic pregnancies, stroke, and the development of diabetes.

The good news is, that with regular dental visits and recommended oral maintenance methods, most of the issues associated with bad oral hygiene can be diverted. A dentist is skilled and able to see potential problems long before they occur.” title=”PMC

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