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How a Nice Smile can Affect Your Personality and Interactions

How a Nice Smile can Affect Your Personality and Interactions

Smile is the first and the most simple sign to show happiness, warmth, friendliness and any other sentiment that is positive. You must have often heard people say that to put forward a good impression, one must smile and be warm. It is one of the most appreciated human gestures and is universal. No matter which corner of the world you go to, everyone understands the language of smile. It instantly reflects your personality and tells people about your friendly nature. So why is smiling so important? Why are we so often told to smile and greet people with a nice smile? Well, in this post, we will be discovering how a nice smile can affect your overall personality and your social circle and interactions.

i. It shows that you are confident:

A nice and confident smile openly declares that you are a warm and confident person. Someone with a high self-esteem and someone who is sure of what he/she is up to. This is the kind of different a nice and confident smile can make. Imagine going to a job interview and greeting the interviewer with a warm and self-assured smile, it will be your first step towards securing the job.

ii. It shows that you are reliable:

There are two types of smile, a nice and warm one which makes people feel comfortable and the creepy, perverted one which gives people all the negative kinds of vibes. Always make sure you sport the former type. A nice and warm smile will make people trust you more easily. They will find you more reliable and will have no trouble entrusting you with important things.

iii. It helps when interacting with people:

A good smile is a drug. It is magnetic and will attract people towards you. They will find you more pleasing and attractive and would want to be in your company. A good smile will add charm and charisma to your personality and people will want to be in your company. This will make your social circle bigger and will help you make contacts more easily.

iv. It helps to keep a positive attitude towards life:

You must have often heard, fake it till you make it – well, that kind of fits in here. Even if you do not feel like smiling, smile. This will eventually help you to look at life in a more positive manner and as a smile is contagious, you will wear it with full heart one day.

So what’s next? Wear that frown upside down and see how it will affect your personality and interactions.

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