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Flossing and brushing your teeth in a regular basis is the best way for having a shiny smile and a strong oral health. We are all aware of the trick of brushing our teeth every night and morning for at least two minutes with fluoride toothpaste and flossing once a day to get the perfect teeth that everyone dreams for. However, ever wondered what is the right time to replace your toothbrush?

Our toothbrushes are a reproductive region for fungi, germs and bacteria that can grow to a large extent if not looked after properly. Follow these tips to maintain your toothbrush’s hygiene.

  • Wash it properly under running water and shake it well to get rid of any dirt.
  • Keep it straight. Do not store it lying down.
  • Make sure it doesn’t touch other stuff.
  • A wet case causes bacteria to grow, hence keep it open.
  • Let it dry before using it again.

The significance of going for a new toothbrush is usually not taken into consideration until the toothbrush starts losing its bristles and wears out physically. However, dentists suggest that you must switch your toothbrush after every 3 months no matter what its condition is for a proper oral hygiene.


  • Various dental researches suggest that after a timespan of three months of proper use, the toothbrush becomes evidently less useful for getting rid of plaque from the gums and teeth and does not give the same results like the new ones do. The bristles fall off and are not much useful for cleaning between your teeth and in the small gaps.
  • Also, it is always a great idea to utilize a travel friendly plastic case to prevent the hair from turning disfigured and flat. However, you must make sure that your tooth brush is completely dry after use before you put it back into its case to avoid growth of bacteria.
  • Another reason is that when you suffer from cold, sore throat, flu or any other disease, the bacteria gathers up on the hair of the brush that could make you sick once more after some time. As mentioned above, the toothbrushes can easily catch bacteria from the environment and the mouth.


Maintaining a proper routine for your toothbrush by changing it frequently keeps your mouth healthy. Your gums and teeth will always stay healthier if you do.

Remember that your regular visits to our office 3 times a year will help you maintain a healthy habit that will help you for life.

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