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Amazing Tips for Your Wedding Day Smile

Amazing Tips for Your Wedding Day Smile

The wedding day is the most important and probably the happiest day of everyone’s life. Looking unique and magnificent is the desire of every bride and groom while you want to capture outstanding wedding snaps because they are your lifetime memories. Here are some amazing tips and tricks to get perfect wedding day smile.

Pay Attention towards Your Teeth

Dazzling and sparkling teeth are liked and loved by everyone and definitely, they give you a stunning look in your pictures as well. Take care of your teeth and consult your dentist about your toothpaste and oral health.

  • Brush twice to three times a day with soft bristled brush and quality toothpaste
  • (Personally recommend Colgate Total)

(Personally recommend Colgate Total)

  • Avoid soft drinks, coffee, soda, sweet, acidic foods to keep your teeth safe
  • Comment our hygienists during your regular teeth cleaning about the different options for professional teeth whitening a month before your wedding.

Use Bright Lipstick

Use bright lipstick as they bring the whiteness of your teeth noticeable. The blend of light and dark colors works wonder and gives you an outstanding appearance. Avoid orange shades and silver colors because they make dull and dingy look even to pure white teeth. Never forget to consider your complexion before choosing a lipstick.


Smize means smiling with your eyes and it depends on the size of your eyes. Don’t ignore your eyes because of their size impacts on your overall appearance. Show expressions in your eyes to natural look. Never smile in such a way that your eyes seem too small or give inappropriate looks.

Lip Line

Secure your lipstick and make its color lasts by applying an initial layer of liner on your lips. To avoid roughness and dehydrated appearance, prefer a hydrated and colorless pencil to make a protective layer on the lips. Fresh the lipstick and make sure it doesn’t fade during the eating, smiling, kissing, and drinking.


Take Care of Your Lips Too

Take good care of your lips and keep them hydrated. Drink enough water and apply glycerin on them to restore their softness. Use a sugar scrub to exfoliate your lips and do it every night. Quality lipstick and lip balm also give effective results for against dehydrated lips.

Follow the above-mentioned tips as they are easy to follow and consume minimum time. Take care of your teeth and avoid food that causes to stain your teeth. Take care of your teeth and get ready to say ‘CHEESE’ with sparkling and dazzling teeth.

It’s never too late, before addressing any issue related to your smile, gums, teeth, or other oral problems consult with Dr. Jean-Jacques Edderai. A dental prophylaxis or cleaning including our check-up every three to four months will allow Dr. Edderai to keep a watchful eye on your oral health and prevent cavities or minor problem before they start. For answers to some of the most commonly asked questions, visit my FAQ page at

Remember the best advice, unaddressed issues will never get resolved by themselves.

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