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Chocolate and Your Teeth: The Inherent Dangers

Chocolate and Your Teeth: The Inherent Dangers

As much as chocolate lovers hate to think about the cons of eating chocolates, eating chocolates does have its negative effects on your teeth. Though this is not eliminating the pros that eating this candy has, but the cons should be more of a thought to you rather than the pros. Dark chocolate can also stain our teeth especially and has the potential of causing deep stains, however, these can only be removed easily by any of our hygenists during your scheduled cleanings.

Chocolate candies are known to be one of the major contributors of tooth decay, though it is good to have chocolate, but it should be done in moderation, it must be taken in small amounts and not too often, and to avoid hard tooth stains that chocolate intake may cause, it is advised to rinse your teeth with water immediately after consumption. We need to know how important our dental hygiene is, as it can have a huge influence on the different systems within our body.

Eating chocolate supports Streptococcus, a strep throat causing bacteria and also causes tooth decay. Chocolate helps Streptococcus to survive in the human system which causes a sore throat at the early stage and the longer effect affects the immune system.

On its pure nature, chocolate has a special antioxidant that inhibits the growth of some bacteria that produces acid which affects the health of the teeth, making it good for the teeth. However, we need to take our chocolate intake seriously because the chocolate being sold around this days are not so pure, they are adulterated with certain products to make it taste better with varieties such as chocolate drinks and chocolate candy.

Sugar and cocoa butter are the main ingredients in chocolate. While cocoa butter possesses antioxidants that help in the protection of the teeth due to the coating effect that prevents plagues from sticking to the teeth and reducing the chances of tooth decay. The other ingredient being sugar is the major cause of concern, because sugar does not only increases the production of acid but also increases the probability of plague sticking to the teeth. High sugar levels also bring higher level of calories and cause the enamel of the teeth to erode.

Chocolate provides both the good and the bad parts of its consumption, for individuals that can’t do without its consumption can reconcile the discrepancy by monitoring their chocolate intake, and avoid taking it in excess, as excess intake will definitely hurt you. According to a study on chocolate intake, it is advised to consumption nothing more than an ounce of dark chocolate three times in a duration of a week. This would be perfect for the health of your teeth and the whole body. For those that may find it a bit difficult to keep their chocolate intake low, they can also prevent any harm by the regular brushing of their teeth and use antibacterial mouthwash

Though prevention is always better than cure, if you can’t do with excessive intake of chocolate, also consider rinsing with fluoride-containing oral rinse at least twice a day to remove any deposits of chocolate on your teeth.

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