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5 top tips to reduce toothaches

5 top tips to reduce toothaches



Waking up in the middle of night and clutching your cheek while you writhe in pain is no amusing thing. Not being able to concentrate for an exam the other day, the dentist not being available on Sundays or any given holyday(doesn’t happened with Dr.Jean-Jacques Edderai) and painkillers not working on tooth aches are just a few things that highlight how important it is to get rid of the toothaches. In such conditions these are the five most effective and commonly used practices that may not only reduce but in some instances cure the pain in your teeth.

  • The usual treatments

Teeth are a sensitive matter and it is important that a person takes care of them in order to not cause the pain in the first place. Now that the pain has started the usual routine would be to take painkillers, brush or floss your teeth to clean out whatever is stuck in your teeth, the fluoride helping to numb the bacteria. You can also try different gels that are used for numbing the effect of the pain and not eat from the sides where your teeth are extra sensitive. But these are the usual remedies that may not always work in case of which we have home remedies to back us up.

  • Gargles with warm salt water

Using a mixture or salt and water has been one of the oldest remedies in the history of toothache. Beware of the fact that if the water is too hot it may cause the pain to increase or it may scald your tongue so use lukewarm water for best results. Using a moderate amount of salt will not make you puke and all you have to do is grab a glass, heat some water, add a big pinch of salt and gargle with it for best results. Remember salt kills all bacteria upon contact.

  • Using peppermint leaves

Peppermint leaves have certain soothing qualities and is used in the making of many types of toothpaste. Mint has anti-fungal properties that will kill the bacteria and the cooling effect would prevent the pain from happening again. You can either chew the leaves or extract the juice from it to apply to the area that is aching.



  • Using Cloves

Cloves are one of those spices that can instantly ease you from pain. Although when a patient has teeth that hurt he/she must go immediately to the doctor to see where the roots of the problem lay but till that time clove can be used to numb the pain instantly. Some people use oil with cloves as they apply the sticks to the area in question, but as cloves are stingy and intense in taste they could also be used as powder.

  • Garlic water

While the more famous properties of Garlic are to ward off vampires, it may also be used to ward off tooth ache. Research has shown that garlic water can be used to reduce the pain in your teeth, although if you don’t mind the strong taste of this spice, you may even chew one or two of the cloves from the bunch and say goodbye to tooth ache.


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