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How to zone out in a dental chair


How to zo ne out in a dental chair


Are you looking for a holiday? Do you want to go somewhere to relax and recuperate from a hectic routine? Do you want to spend some quality time with your own self? Worry no more.

We have just the thing for you!!

Picture to yourself a comfortable neighborhood. The main road is miles away; the gas and noise reach you only slightly. You walk along marble paths with expensive looking sky scrapers towering above you. The day is beautiful, not too hot, not at all humid, and just perfect for your holiday.

Your destination?

The headquarters of your newly found dentist, Dr. Jean-Jacques Edderai. (For this to be the heavenly experience you are looking for.

So you have an appointment with Dr. Jean-Jacques Edderai proportioned by Johana or Leanette and then once any of our wonderful assistants take you to the wonderfully bright, circular treatment room.

The sight of so much light reminds you of Majorca.

You settle down on the super comfy, super amazing chair… and doze away.

The silence steals over you, lulling you into a sense of security and peace. As you hear the doors open, and the doctor settle beside you, you can smell his freshly ironed clothes and his aftershave, reminding you of the good old days, freshly shaved and dressed up.

You came here to relax, and so you will. It does not signify that the doctor checks your mouth for cavities. He needs to drill a little and the noise is soothing. It reminds you of that sea boat drive that you had back in your teens, a class trip. There was novelty in that experience, a rush of adrenaline… gone are the days but you can still hear the water against the speeding boat….

The dentist is done while you were cruising away to your island of happiness. And you slide back into reality. And you are glad. Glad that you have a control over your mind. Because in the end, that’s the only place where we can get real happiness. From your own mind. Your thoughts. Your ability to either shy away from something or enjoy it. The choice has always been yours.

It’s never too late, before addressing any issue related to your smile, gums, teeth, and other oral or in general health issues, consult with Dr. Jean-Jacques Edderai. A dental prophylaxis or cleaning as previously mentioned including our check-up every three to four months will allow Dr. Edderai to keep a watchful eye on your oral health and prevent cavities or minor problem before they start. For answers to some of the most commonly asked questions, visit my FAQ page at


Remember the best advice from your Dentist “Unaddressed issues will never get resolved by themselves”.


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