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Yellow teeth demand a makeover

Yellow teeth demand a makeover




I told my dentist my teeth are going yellow.

He told me to match you should wear a brown tie.”


Living and moving about in society imposes on you a certain obligation to keep towards the rules, written and unwritten, that defines your society. Every society differs, but one thing is common amongst us humans- our appearance makes the strongest impression on the people we meet. The first thing people usually tend to notice is our face, and when we talk, our mouth. You may have experienced it as well, that when a person is smiling at you during a conversation you feel much more open towards them, and a closed, frowning face may make you feel uncomfortable, formal, or even rejected. But what if the person standing opposite to you have a mouth full of yellow teeth? How do you feel about it? In my personal experience, yellowing teeth are a big distraction. On an average, even without any medical knowledge, people are aware that the mouth reflects a little of your health. Like, an excess of saliva between teeth indicate stomach issues, chapped lips indicate dryness in the skin and so on. Yellowing teeth give the suggestion that you for one may not have a functioning tooth paste, or a clean mirror at home. For another, it tells the other person that you may have serious health issues. It may also tell that you have been a heavy smoker for too long.

If you are one of those people who have perpetually yellowing teeth, you may now have become aware of the impression you impose on other people. You may want to continue with those teeth if it makes no difference to you. But you can also do something about it if you want to. Find out what makes your teeth yellow, avoid and rectify bad eating habits, use a tooth brush and mouth wash and take care of your mouth.

Whitening your teeth may be a solution

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