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Flossing 101- Why You Should Do it Daily


Flossing 101:

Why You Should Do it Daily………



Plaque. Accumulated food. Gum disease.

I’ll be getting sick just looking at these.

Yet you can’t walk across three hallways

And not see the obvious bacteria craze

Those people haven’t got any idea,

The only way to stay clear-

Is to “floss Like a BOSS.


Flossing is an integral part of mouth hygiene. Maybe if someone would rap it, we could get more people to pay attention to this task. People usually believe flossing is just for after the BBQ. (It’s not.)

Flossing should be done regularly, like you brush your teeth, which you should be doing regularly after meals (in case you are not).

So below you can find the ground rules for flossing:

Do you need to floss daily? Yes, if you are not fond of gum disease. You have to be gentle while flossing. There is such a thing as over-flossing or wrong flossing. When your gums start bleeding, if you have sensitive gums, or if you have braces, you must consult and convey such condition to Dr.Jean-Jacques Edderai. Only when you floss regularly you can, as we rapped above, prevent plaque from accumulating in between your teeth and getting them to stay healthy.

 Do you need special equipment? Yes. You can use a waxed or unwaxed floss, dental tape, hand floss, electric floss or spongy floss. Those are the different types we recommend.

 Is there a special way to do it? Yes. Flossing is a very technical piece of hygienic cleaning, and you have to do it right if you want it to be effective. As the purpose of flossing is to rid you teeth of harmful substances that could damage your gums, you want to make sure that you effectively remove foreign particles from your mouth from every nook and corner.

 Also: use a fresh piece of floss every time you do it.

Remember………Before treating gum, tooth, or other oral problems consult with Dr. Jean-Jacques Edderai. A dental check-up every three to four months will allow Dr. Edderai to keep a watchful eye on your oral health and prevent cavities before they start. For answers to some of the most commonly asked questions, visit my FAQ page at

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