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Would the new government facilitate the use of Marijuana to help cure of my dental problems?

Would the new government facilitate the use of Marijuana to help cure of my dental problems?

It is no more news that a lot of people are in one way or the other making use of Marijuana, regardless of legislation. These class of individuals have different reasons for using it, some use it for medical reasons, while some use it for personal reasons. But with the looming legislation and task force taking charge on the issue of marijuana usage, it will be good to understand what the use of marijuana entails. Marijuana has been utilised over the years in herbal treatments, due to the fact that marijuana has been found to contain cannabinoids which are components that are biologically active. The dried leaves and buds of various Cannabis sativa plant are known as marijuana. This plant grows in warm and tropical climates.

Marijuana is called several names around the world some of them include, marihuana, hemp, pot, ganja, weed, grass, hash, and many other names. The biologically active components present is marijuana that has been studied so far are cannabidiol and delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, though there are studies ongoing on other elements. Though the plant has been said to possess some health benefits, government authorities and laws do not support the legal prescription and possession of marijuana and its components. However, some states allow the legal usage of marijuana to treat some medical conditions which include dental issues.

When talking about the sufficient powers of marijuana the product that always flashes across the mind is Dronabinol and nabilone. Nabilone is human-made cannabinoid drug while Dronabinol is a pharmaceutical form of THC, and both drugs are approved by the FDA to treat some conditions. It is important to know that the use of marijuana has changed over the years, and even though legislation is trying to open the door for the legalisation of its usage, we cannot deny the fact that people have been growing, selling, using, and distributing marijuana for years now. In the world of today, marijuana seems to be the new cigarette, some of its users don’t identify marijuana as a substance, but rather as their prescription, their happy pill, or even perhaps their cigarette of choice. This scenario has made discussing the legal use of marijuana a bit too complicated.

The greater part of the issue is the effectiveness of marijuana is treating dental problems. Previously the mention of marijuana was a taboo, but the world has gone past that now, it is now a case for discussion; however, it is important to tweak our perspectives to understand the totality of the use of marijuana, for the sake of its effectiveness in treating medical conditions. We cannot deny the fact that marijuana has its health powers, but the government legalising its usage no matter for what purpose is something that has divided lawmakers and ultimately the dental association. This partly because of the potential abuse of the substance when it is legalised and the damages it might cause when it has been legalised.

A lot to think about for our governors and congressman……. Any way don’t forget to….

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