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Why Dental Implants are my best option for my missing teeth

Why Dental Implants are my best option for my missing teeth


There are a lot of reasons for which humans lose a tooth, most of the reasons are beyond our control, while some are as a result of some bad habits in our general lifestyle. However the reason for losing a tooth, it doesn’t call for denying yourself a quality life and having a healthy mouth. Over the years there have been several methods of replacing missing teeth. If you are missing a tooth or set of teeth, it is time to smile again because you are guaranteed of having your tooth or teeth replaced with dental implants. Before now it has been conventional bridges, crowns, and dentures that have been the only option when it comes to replacing missing teeth, but with the advancement in dental technology, dental implants now offer the best teeth replacement option.

One of the primary reasons why dental implants are the best option is they function, feel and look just like your natural teeth unlike what other options offer. Though this is not trying to take away the effectiveness of dental bridge and denture, they are both viable options for replacing a tooth, but they have their contradictions and challenges.

There are many reasons which make dental implants the best available treatment to replace missing teeth. Dental implants offer a whole host of benefits that are not obtainable with other therapies. Their durability which can be for a lifetime happens to be the best part of it. Most dentists have recommended implants because they are the next to the natural teeth when it comes to replacing missing teeth. A missing tooth replaced via dental implants helps in restoring the facial aesthetics of people, and it brings a smile makeover to restore their lost charm, and self-esteem also. It’s clear that implants pip other dental prosthetics by a significant margin, but hopefully not on cost. Though they are not cheap compared to other options that do not mean they are not affordable.

When replacing a missing tooth through dental implants, there is no need to move other teeth during treatment, because your other healthy teeth are not affected by any means whatsoever. Taking away the cost of the process, dental implants is the best option for replacing missing teeth. The procedure does not require external support because they are inputted on the location and grafts of the missing tooth which is the source of their strength. You just need to visit your dentist a couple of times to get back your natural looking teeth.

Talking about the cost of replacing a tooth through dental implants, considering the initial cost of the available options, it may appear that dental implants are expensive, yes they are when you are not thinking of the conveniences and other benefits that it brings to you. However, because these other options do not last a lifetime, you may need to undergo the process again in the future, this makes dental implants the best choice for replacing missing teeth.

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