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Reasons Why You Should Avoid These Supplements


Reasons Why You Should Avoid These Supplements

Consuming supplements is an everyday routine to some individuals, to them, it is more like brushing their teeth and taking their bath. These people are so used to taking these supplements that they jump into consuming just any available one even when they know little next to nothing about it. They hardly do without these pills. On their own, supplements are good; however, not all types are good for human consumption, especially when you know nothing about it. It is paramount to talk to a doctor before taking any supplement; this is because some of these pills might not be good for your present medical condition.

The downside about taking un-prescribed pills is that they may cause severe health problem and aggravate an already existing health condition that you may be experiencing. We understand that consuming supplements without consulting a doctor is dangerous to your health; however, there are certain pills that you should go close to even when you do self-medication when it comes to consuming supplements. No matter what you do, you should never get close to taking these supplements because their side effect is very severe that it may cause permanent damage to your system. Below are some of the supplements that you should avoid by all means possible.



Aconite is a form of traditional Chinese medicine that is consumed to alleviate heart-related problems, gout, inflammation, joint pain as well as nerve problems. Aconite on its own contains strong venom like that from poisonous snakes and extremely toxic poisons that are found in lead. All these make consuming the pill to ease symptoms very dangerous to health.


Some proponents promote the ability of germanium to enhance the immune system in such a manner that aid in treating HIV, Cancer as well as other conditions, however, this has no sufficient backing to the claim. That stated, the potential negativity associated with the pill is enough reason why people should avoid consuming the supplement. Germanium has been liked to cause kidney damage that may lead to death.

Kava-or kava kava

Kava Kava is another pill that you should keep away from due to the danger it poses to your liver. It has been believed for hundreds of years back that Kava Kava provides health benefits which include the treatment of anxiety and insomnia, it is also said to aid relaxation as well. The big issue about this supplement is that its potency has not been backed or confirmed to be what they truly said about it. The root has been linked to causing liver-related issues which include liver damage, failure as well as cirrhosis.

There are a lot of other pills that you should avoid they include Ephedra, Yohimbe, LX1, Comfrey, Coltsfoot, Chaparral. These supplements have been associated with some life-threatening conditions including paralysis, liver damage, breathing difficulties, death, some of these issues starts as early as from three weeks from the start of use. To avoid these severe health-threatening problems, you should stay away from these supplements or simply consult with a specialist in nutrition that will guide you to use supplements provided by reliable manufacturer companies.

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