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Longevity and Coffee Drinking

Longevity and Coffee Drinking

A lot has been said about the health benefits of drinking coffee. Recently, the advantage of the daily consumption of coffee was backed by studies that were done to examine the health benefits of drinking coffee. Several benefits have been associated with the constant drinking of the coffee brew. This explains why people that favour the frequent consumption of the drink live longer and has a lower death rate compared to non-drinkers of coffee.

Researches have been carried out, and studies have also shown that daily and frequent drinkers of coffee have reduced risk of heart problems, fewer stroke risk as well as decreases risk of diabetes. It also exposes the fact that taking coffee on a more regular basis will reduce the chances of certain cancers. However, the studies that have been done in regards to coffee consumptions have only focused on selected races (Asian Americans, African Americans, and Latinos), the probability of the brew having such similar effect on other races remains to be seen. According to a recently concluded study, it shows that people that consume more than four cups of coffee a day have a lower death rate compared to individuals that don’t drink coffee.


Before now, the negativity that surrounded coffee is the caffeine content in the brew; however, it has gone to show that the caffeine constituent of coffee does not inhibit in any way the health benefits of drinking coffee. It was shown that individuals that drank both the versions with caffeine and those without caffeine got similar health benefits from the consumption of coffee.

Though drinking coffee and longevity have something in common, this is not saying that non-drinkers will die early, and it does not necessarily support the over-consumption of the drink. It is also advised to drink in moderation. Also, non-drinking of coffee does not mean you have lesser chances of fighting heart-related illness, as there so many other significant aspects of healthy living that affects our overall life.

Coffee is a complex mixture of compounds that possess biological effects that aid in living a healthy life, this has been proven by several studies as well as researches. It contains compounds that have anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties that aid in fighting illnesses such as the Parkinson disease and several others. Due to coffee comprising such compounds, regular and frequent drinkers do have an enhanced glucose control level of the systems, they will have a lower level of inflammations as well as possess a healthier lipid profile.

It is paramount to incorporate moderate coffee consumption into a healthy diet, and if you happen to be a non-lover of the brew, that’s alright because what is most important is not the coffee it’s about having a healthy lifestyle. But if you don’t have any problem drinking coffees, drinking a few cups of coffee a day will do you no harm; instead, it will be doing you a lot of good.

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