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Calcium at all Life’s Stages

Calcium at all Life’s Stages

At every life stage, there is a given amount of calcium that is needed because bones form the living part of the body, and as such, they need to be taken proper care of to help keep the body in shape. Having the right composition of calcium at every stage of life and a healthy balanced diet will help to enhance bone health no matter how old or young. A balanced diet contains the right quantity of calcium and other nutrients, and it is imperative to make sure you get the right amount of calcium at any specific stage of life because it plays a vital role in your daily routine.



At any stage of life, it is essential to know the amount of calcium that is required, and this is because if the body does not get the needed amount of calcium at a particular time, it will have to get from somewhere in the body, which happens to be from the bone. This action can lead to calcium deficiency which causes bone thinning, weaker teeth and ultimate decay of the teeth at later stages of life. Regrettably, most individuals especially children and adolescents don’t get the right or needed amount of calcium, and this calls for worry because calcium deficiency increases the chance of developing bone fractures as well as osteoporosis.

Having the required proportion of calcium during child’s development supports proper density of the bone. The function of calcium in the body is only for building healthy bones and teeth; however, calcium plays more roles in the body than just the bones and teeth. Calcium is needed for the development of a child’s heart, organs as well as nerves. This is because it aids in the control of contractions of the heart as well as the functioning of the muscles. Calcium also plays a significant role in metabolism and determines the movement of nerves impulse. The function of calcium is also felted in blood clotting.

Proper calcium intake helps in maintaining healthy blood pressure in pregnant women below the age of twenty-five, this is because their bone density is still increasing at this time. Calcium is needed explicitly at this stage of their life because the rate of developing hypertension increases in pregnant women, so taking the right calcium quantity can help to reduce their blood pressure and reduce the chance of experiencing hypertension. After achieving the highest level of bone density, the human bone begins to lose bone density, and all these occur during the later stages of life. The consumption of calcium can minimise this loss of bone mass in the later stages of life. Calcium intake also decreases the chance of developing osteoporosis later in life.

Calcium is among the most abundant minerals in the body, and it is needed at every stage of life. Make sure you maintain the required amount of calcium intake on a daily basis. Working with a nutritionist can be of great help to ascertain the needed amount of calcium.

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