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The Importance of Chaperoning in General Medical Practice

The Importance of Chaperoning in General Medical Practice

In medical practice, a chaperone is a middle person between a medical professional such as a doctor and a patient. They are adequately trained to act as an observer in a medical process performed by a professional on a patient. They are responsible for strengthening the doctor and patient relationship, as well as improving the standard of medical practice generally.



Chaperoning is an essential part of medical process and doctor because more than ever before, medical examinations has become more challenging for all the parties involved, the patient as well as the doctor performing the analysis. Chaperoning will help a patient to make the right decision, improve the communication level of doctors and their patients and they also enhance the autonomy of the patients.

Though this situation hampers the transparent communication that should exist between doctors and their patients hence affects the typical relationship that doctors share with their patients. This changes the ideal healthy doctor-patient communication making it more difficult and challenging for doctors to carry out proper consultation. In all, chaperoning is vital to doctor in general practice because it smoothens and afford doctors and patients to maintain a good relationship. This is because a professional chaperone works to strengthen an already established communication stronger and trustworthy.

There is no doubt that medical consultation is a challenge faced by both doctor and patient, no matter where it may be, whether in the hospital or community. To further create a smooth doctor to patient or vice versa, the need for more explicit communication with patients. This goes along with their ever increasing demand for autonomy and right to make personal decisions regarding their medical care and treatment; this has created a gap in the traditional role of a doctor-patient relationship. With such a scenario, sustaining an appropriate professional limit in the consultation process of doctor to patient becomes more difficult and challenging. Moreover, it is the responsibility of medical and health practitioners to ensure proper consultation between professionals and their patient exist, that is why chaperoning is very important to the general medical practice of doctors.

Chaperoning comes handy in various medical conditions which may include anxious and patients with vulnerability, a state where the patient cultural and/or religious view is different to a physical examination. Another situation where the role of a chaperone is inevitable is where a patient has a prior problem of recollection, or there is a misunderstanding between both parties. Patients that are rotated among medical professionals as a result of practices duty responsibilities and patients who are allocated to student or trainee doctors. Patients that find themselves in such situations and others need the service of a chaperone so as to receive the best medical care.

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