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The Best Type of Water for Good Health

The Best Type of Water for Good Health

Water possesses essential health benefits to human; however, a lot of controversies have been trailing the best type of water that should be consumed more. There is no doubt that water composed of 80% of the human body, hence for good health, maintaining the level of water composition of the body is paramount. Water has an effect on all the body functions of a human being, so it is imperative that the right balance is maintained as well as drinking the correct type. There are different types of water, but distilled and alkaline waters are among the most common types.



Though not all types of water should be taken on a regular basis, however, they all are beneficial to our health. Alkaline water has been touted to possess most benefits to human health, but distilled water does have amazing health benefits in some situations. Personal health needs are the primary determinant of the type of water to consume because, for a specific health condition, distilled water may be the ideal water to drink while in some other cases, alkaline water will be perfect. It is best to identify the right water to drink, because your health should be your responsibility, and the water you consume impact and contribute to your health.

Choosing the right type of water will help to improve your hydration level, aid in reducing your blood pressure as well as assist in maintaining healthy bones, among several other health benefits. The danger of drinking the wrong type may lead to robbing your body system of the essential nutrients that it needs for optimum functioning. It might have crossed your mind that there are up to ten different types of water, they include acidic, alkaline and distilled water. Others include reverse osmosis, tap, softened, hard and tap water. Oxygenated, spring and mineral water are another types of water.

Each type of water possess their specific health benefits, but for good health, antioxidant alkaline water is the best because they have the right ph. level, as well as they contain correct minerals that enhance good healthy living. This type of water is essential to the body because they provide the body what other types of water doesn’t, they supply the human system essential minerals more than others. The antioxidants they give the body assist in fighting against oxidants that harm tissues and DNA of the body. It is a known fact that antioxidants are good for the human body system as they reduce the effects of oxidation which is an important factor in early aging.

Drinking antioxidant water would protect your body from the harmful effects of oxidation. It is paramount to take note of the kind of water you consume on a daily basis so you can get the benefit of drinking it. It is more harmful to drink the wrong type of water than not taking enough. So if you want to obtain the benefit of regular consumption of water, then find out the best one for your body and drink it always.

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