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Why Heartbeats make Noise

Why Heartbeats make Noise


The circulatory system is responsible for breathing in human. The system comprises of the heart which is at the centre and blood vessels which are veins, capillaries, and arteries. All combine in the distribution of blood to other parts of the body, with the heart being the pump that sends the blood and nutrients. The heart keeps the body in good shape by pumping blood to every part of the body and removes the waste that is not needed by the body and carbon dioxide. The human heart is the engine room of the body and should be taken care of properly.

There are specific signs to observe for a failing or malfunctioning circulatory system, and they include migraines, pain in the leg, cold hands and feet, varicose veins, numbness, and dizziness. When failing circulatory systems is not taken care of, it might lead to health-threatening conditions such as stroke, kidney disease, high blood pressure and other death threatening situations. When the heart is functioning well, blood flows only in one direction; this is achieved by the synchronising of the valves and the pumping action of the heart. The valves ensure that blood flow is in one direction by opening and closing synchronously with the pumping action of the heart.

When the heart is performing its blood pumping activities, the valves opens as well as closes as this action continues. The opening and closing of the valve produce the sound of a heartbeat. The sound of heartbeat shows that the heart is doing its job. When you pay attention to the noise originated from heartbeat, you will notice there are two types. The first sound is as a result of the closure of a pair of valves which are known as mitral and tricuspid valves, while the second sound is gotten from the closure of another pair of valves called pulmonary and aortic valves. Both pairs of valves open to admit blood in a single direction and close to avoid the backing up of blood.

The heart has two chambers, the upper and lower chambers, the tricuspid and mitral valves separates both chambers of the heart. The valves are like the door through which blood passes through to the heart as well as the lungs. Contrary to what most of us used to think that causes the sound of a heartbeat, the noise from the functioning of the heart is not as a result of the beating of the heart or contracting but the functions of these mentioned valves. So now you know why you hear the sound of a heartbeat.

It is imperative to observe the nature of your heartbeat, because it may help you to identify any circulation malfunction. When detected early, circulatory system condition can be treated, and however, when they are not treated early, it may lead to a total system breakdown which may cause permanent damage and ultimately death.

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