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Ways toward achieving optimal health

Ways toward achieving optimal health

The steps you take towards living healthy depends on how much value you have for life. Understanding the best way to achieve optimal health is the first step toward reaping the benefits of living well. Besides following the directions through optimal health, you need to know how to apply them to your daily life routine to sufficiently obtain a healthy life. A lot of individuals understand the benefits of living healthy but, more often than not, a few of these population are ready to do what is necessary to accomplish the good life. In the journey to healthy living, you need to understand that there would be changes to the way you presently live your life because, there is a chance that you’re not doing something right at the moment, so be prepared for not to difficult to achieve changes in your daily routine.



Healthy living is all about what you eat and keeping the body muscles in shape. No matter what you do, if what you eat is harming your body, there is little or no progress to achieve if you want to live healthily. Exercising is another aspect. Keeping fit has general body benefit. When you work out frequently, the muscles in the body are strengthened, which help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Watch what you eat

If possible, avoid consumption of red meats, processed foods, wheat, cow milk-based products, gluten as well as refined sugars. It is difficult to keep away from these foods especially if they make up your favourite list of delicacies; however, we are talking about healthy living, and as such your health should be paramount to you. If you are finding it hard to avoid them, then try as much as you can to minimise their consumption and complement your diet with other healthy foods. There are a whole lot of them out there, green fruits and vegetables are good examples. Eat well to stay healthy, don’t forget, you are what you eat. Consume diets that have high concentration of fibre as well as healthy fats instead of trans-fats.

Workout more often

If you’re not exercising, now is the best time to start. Dedicate at least one hour to working out three times a week to get the benefit of being fit. If you can do more than one hour a day, then it’s excellent, just ensure you are keeping your muscles in shape.

Imbibe healthy eating habits as well as exercise more often to enhance your chances of living a life that you will be proud of and at least minimise your appointment with a doctor.

It’s never too late, before addressing any issue related to your smile, gums, teeth, and other oral or in general health issues, consult with Dr. Jean-Jacques Edderai. A dental prophylaxis or cleaning as previously mentioned including our check-up every three to four months will allow Dr. Edderai to keep a watchful eye on your oral health and prevent cavities or minor problem before they start. For answers to some of the most commonly asked questions, visit my FAQ page at

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