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Understanding the Epiretinal Membranes

Understanding the Epiretinal Membranes

As humans grow old, there are certain illnesses that they are often prone to, and one of them is the epiretinal membrane. Epiretinal membranes also called (ERMs) is suffered by at least 2 percent of old people over the age of 50 while those over 75 years are up to 20 percent. However, this is a condition that doesn’t require treatment but, they are to be watched.



Epiretinal membranes often affect both eyes, though the severity and symptoms of both eyes differ, though the symptoms are mild. In most instance, epiretinal membranes may lead to vision distortion and ultimately vision loss. The medical condition does not have much of a treating process; presently, there is only one treatment available which is a surgical process which known as vitrectomy.

Epiretinal membranes are transparent, thin layer of fibrous tissue that creates a film on the internal area of the retina. The situation becomes something of a concern when it affects the portion of the retina that is responsible for seeing. Vision becomes distorted and blurred making it difficult to see fine details such as recognizing faces and when reading. The situation can be rectified with an unadjusted pair of binoculars. The severity of the condition begins without any proper notice and continuous if not watched till maybe when vision is lost entirely.

An individual without the risk of epiretinal membranes could also develop the condition, even having a high-risk factors does not usually mean they will develop the disease in both eyes or one eye. However, if an individual has ERMs, there is a high possibility of developing it on the second eye. Certain circumstances increase the chances of developing epiretinal membranes, besides age, some eye conditions can raise the risk; one of such conditions is injuries or trauma to the eye.

Cataract surgical operations can lead to higher risk of epiretinal membranes and retinal detachment or tear. Retinal detachment or crack is a condition where there is a break in the retina this is for a tear while when there is a pull of the retina from the back of the eye is known as detachment. A condition known as retinal vascular diseases is a medical situation that affects the blood vessels in the eyes, and people with diabetes often suffer this condition.

Certain medical conditions such as diabetic retinopathy can result to epiretinal membranes, which mean that avoiding such situations can go a long way to prevent the development of ERMs. Diabetic retinopathy is a condition that is prone to people with diabetes, so managing such a situation will also do well in protecting against the epiretinal membrane. Besides these circumstances, there are no way or ways of preventing the development of epiretinal membranes in older people.

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