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The Causes of Sinusitis

The Causes of Sinusitis

Sinusitis is a severe health issue that affects millions of people around the world. Sinusitis is a condition that occurs when the sinuses are swollen or inflamed. The inflamed sinuses stay expanded for at least three months even when being treated. People suffering from the medical condition will experience difficulty in breathing, feel facial pain and experience swollen area around the eyes as well as the face because sinusitis causes an interference with the nasal passages which then leads to the build-up of mucus.



Besides the difficulty in breathing and swollen areas, other symptoms of sinusitis include a cough in children and a reduced sense of taste and smell in adults. Other symptoms are tenderness and pain in the cheek, forehead, and nose, while postnasal drainage is another significant symptom of sinusitis. People that have the condition may experience pain in the ear, sore throat, aching in the teeth and the upper jaw, irritability, cough, halitosis (bad breath), nausea and fatigue.

When left untreated, sinusitis may worsen and lead to more severe medical situations that are life-threatening. Some of the conditions include complete or partial loss of sense of smell, meningitis, and vision impairment.

In other to stay safe from sinusitis, take the following steps to minimise the risk of getting the infection.

If you stay in a place where the air is dry, it essential to add moist to the air to protect yourself against sinusitis. A humidifier will be handy in such a situation. Learn how to use a humidifier, and ensure that you keep it clean and free of any form of mould, you can achieve this by carrying out thorough cleaning on a regular basis.

Polluted air like smoke from a cigarette is one of the significant causes of lung irritation. When your lungs are irritated, it leads to swollen lungs which in turn blocks the nasal passages and hence causes sinusitis. Staying away from such air will help you in reducing the chances of suffering from sinusitis.

Upper respiratory infections such as colds can trigger sinusitis. Protecting yourself against these conditions will help in the reduction of the risk of sinusitis. Before any meal, ensure that your hands are clean, was with soap and water frequently and reduce your contact with individuals with colds.

If you have any allergies, manage them well and when you have symptoms, work with your doctor to keep them under control to avoid it leading to blocking of the nasal passages.

Preventing these conditions will go a long way towards reducing the chances of developing sinusitis because they are the primary causes of the situation. Don’t forget to eat healthily, imbibe a healthy eating habit because you are what you eat. No matter how to try to follow the above steps, if you don’t eat healthily, you may find yourself treating the condition even after following the steps carefully.

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