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How to know if you are experiencing Spinal Stenosis

How to know if you are experiencing Spinal Stenosis

Back pain is a common condition experienced by every adult, however, differentiating the rate of damage that led to the pain can be a bit difficult. Often, some back pain in adults can be as a result of minor strain muscles while there is also the possibility of a more serious medical condition in the form of spinal stenosis. The most common question is how you can differentiate from minor strained muscles causing back pain or a spinal stenosis back pain. Getting acquainted with the symptoms of spinal stenosis can help in a long way in determining the source of back pain. Also, being aware of the symptoms of spinal stenosis will help you to decide whether you need an appointment with a specialist or some simple home remedies can treat your back pain.


Spinal stenosis is a degenerative medical situation that causes the protruding of an element of the spine into space within the spinal canal. The reduction of the nerve pathways in the spine or the spinal canal is a typical example of the condition that causes spinal stenosis. Spinal stenosis usually begins mildly, but if the situation is left untreated, it may lead to severe medical conditions that are life-threatening. It is paramount to know the symptoms of the disease so as to able to attack it in the early days to avoid leading to other dangerous health conditions.

Though there are many symptoms of spinal stenosis, one significant way to identify the severity of the condition is through its location in the spine. People with spinal stenosis may experience leg pain when walking over time, and this situation is known or called claudication. Though the pain is not permanent, because it does go away with rest, however, the pain is consistent, which is a significant characteristic of spinal stenosis.

If you experience any of the following conditions in some region of your body especially at your back or neck, there is a high tendency that you have spinal stenosis, so it is time to visit a doctor to get treated before it leads to a more dangerous condition. Feeling of numbness, weakness of muscles, feeling sharp pains during some movements such as walking. Other symptoms include burning or shooting pain in those body regions, a tingling sensation and if you feel limited mobility in the neck and back. These conditions indicate that you may be having spinal stenosis.

Spinal stenosis is a medical condition that is characterised by the following symptoms development

The symptoms of the disease usually start slow over a period, they are not a continuous type of sign, and it comes and goes. The symptoms of the condition are often relieved when you take rest either by lying down or just sitting, and they can also be mitigated by flexing toward the forward position. One unique symptom sign of spinal stenosis is it occurrence during participating in some activities which may include standing upright, walking or biking.

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