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How to deal with Flu in Children and Adults

How to deal with Flu in Children and Adults

The symptoms of flu in adults differ significantly in children. In children, flu is often mistaken for a stomach bug the reason is that the symptoms of flu in kids include vomiting, nausea and stomach pain. It is often a bit hard to tell when a child has flu, this is because of the symptoms as mentioned earlier. During the early days of flu condition in kids, it is quite intense than a cold, and it tends to be even worse at the beginning of the illness. Some of the symptoms of flu in children include a high level of fever which can raise the body temperature up to 40 degree centigrade.



A kid with flu will experience a sore throat and dry hacking cough. Shakes, chill and extreme tiredness are associated with flu in kids. It is known that the influenza virus is responsible for causing Flu, and the virus is of three different types, the types A, B, and C. The types A and B are not often experienced frequently rather, they cause yearly cases. On the part of type C, it creates the more widespread cases of flu but, its symptoms are often milder than that of types A and B. Flu in kids is highly contagious since they share close space such as what they do in school. Flu quickly spread when a droplet coughed by an infected person is inhaled. It can also be spread with the direct contact with spit or mucus of individual treating the condition.

Flu is a common infection that affects people of all ages. It is a viral infection that affects the throat, lungs, and nose. The medical condition is caused by the influenza virus and is associated with an increase in the chances of developing strokes and heart attacks in adults. The same influenza viruses that cause flu in kids are also responsible for the occurrence in adults, the types A, B and C virus. Older adults and individuals with a chronic condition have a higher risk of flu complications, however, obese people and pregnant women.

The symptoms of flu in adults include persistent or severe vomiting, confusion, shortness or difficulty in breathing and a sudden feeling of dizziness. Flu also has signs of pressure or pain in the abdomen or chest, severe cough, and fever. There are ways through which adults and children can avoid flu, one of the ways is by getting vaccination on a yearly basis. You don’t need to wait until you get the flu before you can start treating it, getting the vaccine will help to prevent the occurrence of the condition.

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