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How to Deal with Food Poisoning

How to Deal with Food Poisoning

Understanding the type of food poisoning is paramount to the treatment that you need. A lot of people don’t know that food poisoning is of different types, and the often treat all the same way they see. However, diagnosing food poisoning is based on certain things which include the duration of sickness, the symptoms involved, health history and the food that was consumed.



Medical professional does carry out a physical examination, diagnostic test as well as checking for dehydration signs depending on your health history and the symptoms. Doctors will also examine for parasites, stool examination (known as stool culture) and blood test to confirm the diagnosis.

Staying hydrated when you are experiencing food poisoning is essential, this will help you contain the spread of bacteria to people sharing living or working space with you. Food poisoning doesn’t often come with severe symptoms, and however, if you have severe signs that stay for extended period of days such as more than two or three days, you may be experiencing something more than a food poisoning.

Food poisoning often arises as a result of food that wasn’t handled or stored well or bacterial infection. If it came through the consumption of poorly stored or processed food, it often gets through your system in less time which means it sets in quicker. Toxins caused by bacteria cause this type of food poisoning and they are often less severe though the pain is not different from the other kind.

Bacterial infection causes the second type of food poisoning. This kind of food poisoning occurs when a bacteria known as salmonella finds its way into the digestive system where they are capable of causing severe damage to the cells of your intestine. This type of food poisoning is often life-threatening when left untreated. The symptoms are usually the same as the first type of food poisoning.

Treating food poisoning largely depend on the source of the infection and the level of the symptoms. Often, food poisoning subsides within few days without treatment, while bacteria-caused poisoning usually lasts longer. One of the symptoms of food poisoning is vomiting and diarrhoea which makes the body to lose fluids, so the essential treatment of food poisoning should be replacing the lost fluids in the body. Consume minerals which are rich in calcium, sodium, and potassium to maintain the fluid balance in the body that is lost. For those that have persistent vomiting and diarrhoea, they can prevent dehydration by visiting a doctor to receive fluids and salt intravenously.

Both types of food poisoning are not something that you want to get; the best way is to avoid it before it happens. Take steps to prevent it from affecting your family, ensure your food is cooked, stored and handled correctly. One of the food through which most of these bacteria enters the human system is meat, make sure that you prepare meat for long enough time and make sure you avoid any form of cross-contamination. Live safe and live well.

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