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What you need to know about the Endocrine System

What you need to know about the Endocrine System

The human endocrine system is a combination of organs that produce hormones in the human body. Hormones are means of transport that travels around the body and communicate with cells on what to do. The endocrine system comprises of five glands which are adrenals, parathyroid, pituitary, pancreas, and thyroid. The endocrine system is not the only organ in the human body that secrete hormone. There are other organs in the body that produces hormone an example of such organ is the gut.



The pituitary is a pea-sized gland which is the primary controlling hub of the body and is located at the root of the brain, and this organ is responsible for the secretion of the significant portion of hormones in the human system. The pituitary gland does not function in isolation, it is controlled or regulated by the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus produces its hormones, and these hormones communicate with the pituitary gland on the duties to perform. In the endocrine system, the pituitary gland is the controlling head of the whole system. The organ is made up of two lopes which are adenohypophysis and neurohypophysis. The adenohypophysis is known as the anterior lope, while the neurohypophysis is called the posterior lobe.

The pituitary gland is in charge of the secretion of the following hormones which include prolactin; this is a hormone that stimulates the mammary gland which produces milk in females. The pituitary gland secretes the hormone that regulates the menstrual cycle, stimulating follicle hormone. Other hormones that are secreted by this gland are thyroid stimulating hormone, growth hormone, and vasopressin. Adrenocorticotropic hormone, oxytocin, and luteinizing hormone are different types of hormone secreted by the gland. These hormones secreted by the pituitary gland which is the central hub of the endocrine system regulates and help in controlling some vital functions of the human system. The anterior lobe of the gland mainly secretes the hormones from the pituitary gland.

The next gland that makes up the endocrine system is the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland helps in the production of energy as well as controls body’s temperature. Contrary to the pituitary gland that secretes many hormones, the thyroid gland secretes just three hormones which are known as Calcitonin, T3, and T4 hormones. The T3 hormones are known as Triiodothyronine while T4 hormone is called Thyroxin. The gland is situated at the anterior section of the neck below the larynx and in front of the trachea. Besides regulating the body’s temperature and production of energy in the human system, the thyroid gland also helps the body to control the levels of blood calcium.

The hypothalamus gland is located close to the pituitary gland and is a part of the brain. Its function in the body is assisting the pituitary gland in controlling other vital organs. It does its duty by the secretion of a hormone that relates to the pituitary gland. Some of the hormones secreted by the hypothalamus include dopamine, thyrotropin-secreting hormones, and somatostatin among others.

The hormones secreted by the pancreas are of two parts, the exocrine and the endocrine parts. The exocrine portion secretes hormones that are responsible for the breakdown of food while the endocrine part secrets the insulin hormone which is responsible for taking sugar to the cells of the body.


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