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Warning signs of CVA

Warning signs of CVA

CVA (Cerebrovascular accident) known as stroke is a medical condition that affects people as they grow older. It is a situation that occurs when there is no flow of blood to the brain. This causes the death of brain cells within short minutes of its occurrence. Cerebrovascular accident is of two types, ischemic and haemorrhagic. The most common type is the ischemic stroke which accounts for almost 85 percent of cases, and this kind is caused by a blockage of the blood vessel in the brain by a blood clot. The second type of CVA is caused by bleeding as a result of the breakage of a blood vessel.



Stroke is a life-threatening condition that needs urgent attention when you start noticing any of the symptoms; this now takes us to the signs of cerebrovascular accident (CVA). Due to the stoppage of blood flow to the brain which leads to the death of brain cells, this situation causes a sudden weakness on some parts of the body which include the face, leg or arm, all of which occurs in one part of the body. Other symptoms include difficulty in balancing which result in inability to walk freely, dizziness and loss of coordination. People who have stroke attack will experience difficulty understanding speech and speaking, unknown cause of a severe headache.

Identifying the symptoms of cerebrovascular accident can go a long way toward saving a life. Often, people may experience just one of the signs of stroke; it is essential to act as fast as possible because it will improve the chances of complete healing. It is advised not to wait until you see the full signs and symptoms or stroke before taking necessary actions because it might be too late by then because certain drugs need to be given to individuals that have the condition within the first three hours of its occurrence. If stroke patients are given the medication in the first three hours, it will help in preventing further damages like permanent disability and death.

Individuals who have suffered and recovered from a cerebrovascular accident may also suffer from fatigue, spasticity, changes in behaviour and changes in senses. They will also experience paralysis, weakness, problem with vision, having issue with attention, memory as well as perceptions. It is essential to follow up the recovery program of the condition because the chances of having another stroke increases when you’ve suffered one before. Some recovering option includes yoga and acupuncture especially if the aftermath condition relates to depression and weakness of the muscle.

You can minimise the risk of having CVA by watching what you consume. Sodium increases the risk factor for stroke, so it will be great if you limit the intake of sodium, refined grains, sugar as well as fats. Eat more of nuts, vegetables, and beans. Exercising more will reduce the chance of having stroke. Red meat has always been a dangerous type of meat to eat, so rather than red meat, consume seafood and stop or limit the use of tobacco. High blood pressure triggers the emergence of stroke, taking medications as directed by a doctor for such a condition will minimise it, and also limit the intake of alcohol.

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