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Diabetic Eye Disease

Diabetic Eye Disease

Diabetes is a deadly disease that can affect most parts of the body. Due to the excess sugar in the blood which is as a result of the malfunctioning of the insulin hormone, fluid goes into the eye causing several eye problems. A diabetic individual should endeavour to take proper care of his eye because this condition can lead to severe eye deterioration such as loss of eyesight and some other cases. Diabetes affects the eye in some ways that require immediate and professional attention to avoid further degeneration of the eye.

This article is written to show some of the ways that diabetes affects the eye.


Part of the natural aging process of the eye is the development of cataracts; however, diabetes can hasten the occurrence of the situation. Cataracts is a condition of the eye that makes vision to be more rigid and cloudy. Blurred vision and halos or glare at night are some of the signs of cataracts, and the condition can be corrected by surgery or the implant of an artificial intraocular lens. People managing diabetes often develop cataracts faster and earlier in life, so this is one of the ways the condition affects the eye.


This is another way that diabetes affects the eye. The high blood sugar causes the movement of fluid to the eye which increases the pressure on the eye because the fluid cannot be drained out the way it should. This increased pressure causes nerves and blood vessels damages which leads to vision impairment. Glaucoma can lead to blindness if not handled correctly. Neovascular glaucoma is a rare condition that people treating diabetes are more likely to develop. This eye condition arises when there is a growth of new blood vessels on the iris and obstructs the flow of fluid from the eye. This action increases the internal pressure of the eye.

Blurry Vision

When the sugar level in the blood is too much, it causes a blurred vision, and since excess sugar causes diabetes in the blood, blurry vision is one of the signs of diabetes. Though, not all blurred vision is caused by diabetes, but it is one of the ways the medical condition affects the eye. When the blood has too much of sugar, it can make the lens to swell which hinders the ability of the eye to function correctly. If you experience blurred vision, consult your doctor and balance your blood sugar level. Though restoring your normal vision may take several months, but if you are determined, you will regain your sight.

Diabetic Retinopathy

There are many ways diabetes affects the eye, but the most common effect is diabetic retinopathy. This condition should be taken with all seriousness because it might lead to total loss of eyesight. Diabetes retinopathy is a situation that is caused when there is a blockage in the small blood vessels present in the retina due to the excess sugar in the blood. This can also happen when the blood vessels grow abnormally or leaks. The retina is responsible for the conversion of lights into signals sent through the optic nerve to the brain which is processed and shown as the images we see. When this part of the eye is affected, then it will change the way objects appear to us. Diabetic retinopathy is of three types, proliferative, maculopathy, and background diabetic retinopathy.

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