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The benefits of Gelatin

The benefits of Gelatin

Gelatin is an essential nutrient that has tons of benefits to the human body. It is the cooked form of collagen and the ways it is useful in the body can be overwhelming. We will be looking at some of the ways gelatin benefits the body.


Helps the Skin

Gelatin improves the skin by helping it maintain its elasticity keeping the skin smooth and looking supple and plump. Gelatin is specially good for the skin as we age, this is because the body’s ability to produce collagen reduces the more we grow old. Gelatin helps in bridging this gap created by ageing by providing the body with enough collagen to keep the skin in great shape.

Assist the Immune system

The gut houses about 80 percent of the immune system, it won’t be wrong to say that a healthy immune system is a direct sign of a healthy digestive system. Due to the positive effects gelatin has on the gut, it can also Assist the Immune system in maintaining its overall health.

Minimises the signs of aging

It has been shown by studies that the regular intake of gelatin is effective in reducing the signs of aging such as reducing wrinkles. It was also shown that when taken, gelatin gets to the dermis in the skin which fades away wrinkles and the appearance of fine lines.

It helps in balancing hormones

Hormones are responsible for transporting messages within the body. They are in charge of regulating all the function of the body. When these hormones are not functioning properly the body suffers from it, and when they are functioning the way they should, the effect will also be shown. Hormones in the body are made of amino acids, and gelatin contains many amino acids, it is then obvious that it will help in maintaining the health of hormones in the body.

It preserves the joints

The cartilage that protects the ends of the bones in the human body is formed from collagen, and it help in preventing the rubbing together of bone hence eliminating inflammation and pains. The effectiveness of the cartilage begins to reduce as we grow in age, this action causes pain, reduction in mobility of joints and ultimately severe joint inflammation conditions which may include osteoarthritis.

Gelatin when consumed in a hydrolysed form helps in the rebuilding of the cartilage which in turn will keep the cartilage in full function eliminating all sort of pains and conditions that lack of sufficient cartilage quality may cause. It is clear to see that consuming gelatin will help to prevent the occurrence of joint degradation or any other joint conditions that may arise as people age.

Helps in enhancing digestive health

Gelatin contain amino acid glycine in abundance, thus nutrient helps in protecting and strengthening the mucous membrane layer of the stomach, by so doing it assist in the repair of the gut lining. With all these, the digestive system is greatly improved and this action also help in healing the severe digestive condition which is called leaky gut syndrome. You should consider eating more of gelatin to reap this digestive health benefits.

Improves the growth of the Nails and Hair

The protein contained in gelatin help to grow the hair faster and thicker. Not only does gelatin improves the growth of hair in human, it also aid the growth of nails as well. If you want to improve the growth of your nails and hair, you should consider increasing the amount of gelatin protein in your diet.

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