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The Signs and Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency

Deficiencyin vitamin D is common among so many people and a lot of them are not aware ofit because the signs and symptoms are not unique. It is difficult to know theexact causes of vitamin D deficiency symptoms, they share symptoms with othermedical conditions that affects the body. Speaking to your doctor if you thinkyou have a deficiency is advised. However, to further guide you, we will belooking at some of the common signs and symptoms of vitamin D deficiency in thebody

Feeling tired and fatigued

Vitamin D deficiency contributes to feeling tired, though this condition can be caused by many other things. If you notice you are always extremely feeling tired and fatigued, you should take vitamin D supplements first as it may be a sign of lack of sufficient vitamin D.

Low bone density

Here is another sign of vitamin D deficiency in human. People tend to lose their bone density as they age but if its happening earlier than anticipated, then there is a chance that you need to increase your level of vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential in bone metabolism and also enhances the absorption of calcium by the body. Low density of the bone is a sign of limited absorption of calcium or the lose of calcium and this condition increases the likelihood of fractures. Medical professionals may advise you to increase your calcium intake, as much as this is true, you may also benefits more if you increase your vitamin D level also together with the calcium.

Lower Back and Bone pains

This medical condition is another one that has many causes other than vitamin D deficiency. However, it has been shown by studies that vitamin D enhances the absorption of calcium by the body hence helping the body to maintain healthy bone. When there is limited quantity of this essential nutrient in the body, it may result in pains in the lower back region if the body as well as other bones in the body. If you are experiencing pains in your bones and at your lower back, it might be a sign of low blood level of vitamin D.

Falling ill frequently

One of the common signs of vitamin D deficiency is constantly falling ill or getting infected. The reason why a vitamin D deficient individual falls ill or gets infected often is that the vitamin is not performing its core duty which is keeping the immune system strong and being able to fight off diseases from attacking the body. There is an indication of low vitamin D level if you fall sick too often with conditions such as flu or cold.


Vitamin D is a contributing factor to mood in human. If you are experiencing a depressed mood, it may be a sign of low level of vitamin D in your body. You can improve your mood by taking supplements of the vitamin.

The above are some of the signs and symptoms that shows that you need more vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential to the body and one of the sources of this great nutrient is free, from the sun. Help yourself by improving the level of vitamin D in your body system.

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