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Heat Stroke

Heat stroke is a condition that is characterised by the increase in body temperature that is mostly accompanied by dehydration as a result on staying in a hot environment. This condition can be dangerous if proper attention is not given to the patient. Heat stroke requires proper and prompt treatment by a medical professional to avoid more severe situation.

Some of the common symptoms and signs of heat stroke include; coma, disorientation, agitation, absence of sweating and confusion among others. Heat stroke is often experienced by people that are exposed to high temperatures, and it can affect individuals of all age even infants. Diagnosing heat stroke can be done by observing the signs and symptoms especially in individuals that are often exposed to high temperatures. It is imperative to take proper measures to prevent the occurrence of heat stroke especially in infants by ensure you remain hydrated and stay away from intensive exercises during humid and hot weather. If peradventure you or someone close to you experiences heat stroke, don’t hesitate to call emergency services.

The human body is designed in such a way that it generates heat due to metabolism and releases heat through the skin by radiation of evaporation of sweat. Moreover, when the body is exposed to extreme temperature or intense physical exercise under the sun, the amount of heat inside the body may become too much for it dissipate heat sufficiently, this circumstance will then increase the temperature of the body and results in heat stroke. Dehydration has been said to cause heat stroke as well, because when a human system is dehydrated, the individual will find it difficult to sweat fast enough to release heat and this in turn will affect the body temperature by causing to increase hence leading to heat stroke.

Heat stroke can be broadly classified into two types; non-exertional and exertional heat strokes. Non-exertional heart stroke occurs as a result of extreme weather conditions and it often affects people that are chronically ill, infants and elderly people. While the exertional heat stroke is the type of condition that occurs as a result of overexertion under the sun, meanly athletics suffers from this type of heat stroke. Mothers and child care givers should avoid leaving infants in cars parked directly under the sun because this is how most infants experience heat stroke.

If prompt and proper response is not offered to an individual experiencing heat stroke, it may lead to severe organ damage. The first thing to do in such a condition is to try and cool the victim. The following steps should be taken to help the victim regain normal temperature; if the individual can drink liquids, give them cool beverages or water, place ice block under the groin and armpits. Ensure you take the victim to a cool place and take away their clothing, you can also spray them cool water then observe their temperature until it gets to the normal body temperature (38.3 to 38.8 C or 101 to 103 F).

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