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How to Maintain a healthy Kidney

The kidney is an essential organ of the human body, it’s responsible for filtering of waste products from the blood. The optimal performance of the kidney is paramount for the complete functioning of a person. The function of the kidney in the body also include regulating electrolyte balance and blood pressure as well as production of red blood cell in the body.

Often, human activities and thing we consume contribute in weakening this all important organ of the body, which may lead to kidney failure and some other diseases that hampers its optimal performance. It imperative to know that certain lifestyle and eating habit are the reasons behind kidney failure and helping yourself by changing such will only lead to a healthy kidney which ultimately translate to a healthy life. When one’s kidney is not functioning properly, it’s symptoms will show in order for the individual to take necessary steps in getting a solution.

Kidney failure has some common symptoms which may include swelling, breath shortness, confusion, weakness and lethargy among other symptoms. A kidney is said to fail if its unable to perform its duties in the body which is to remove waste, this failure occurs when there are build up of these waste products and excess fluid which then leads to the symptoms of a failed kidney. It is the presence of these waste and too much fluid in the body that causes the signs but on its on at the initial stage, kidney failure do not have any symptoms.

Some causes of kidney failure can be treated and the kidney will function well as normal, however, kidney failure is a progressive condition that maybe irreversible. Prompt and proper response is required to curb the causes of kidney failure before it deteriorate. Diabetes and blood pressure have been the major culprits of severe kidney failure, controlling these conditions will help in preventing the occurrence of kidney failure and its progression. There is also a link with the reduced functioning of the kidney and ageing, the older an individual gets, the functioning of the kidney decreases. The only treatment options available for a completely failed kidney are transplant or dialysis.

Prevention is better than cure when talking about kidney failure. You are better off preventing any malfunction of the kidney by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Overdose of some over the counter drugs contribute to kidney failure because they can cause the build up of toxins that can overload the kidney. Follow your doctor’s or pharmacist prescription when using any drugs and as much as possible, minimise how you expose yourself to chemicals which may include tobacco, house cleaning agents, pesticides and other toxic products.

Individuals who are treating urinary tract diseases should ensure to manage the condition properly because it can lead to malfunctioning of the kidney. Consume a healthy balanced diet and follow the advice of your doctor, use drugs as prescribed and ensure you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Stay away from harmful environments and make sure your surrounding is kept clean all the time.

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