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The Benefits of Biophilia

Naturalist and biologist believe that humans have a tendency to search for connections with other forms of life such as nature. This innate biological tendency is known as biophilia. Individuals who have understood how biophilia works has utilized it to cure several forms of emotional problems by getting a nature fix for promoting physical health, overall human development as well as reducing urban stress

Biophilia is becoming a popular practice in this our world that is fast becoming over populated especially as the urban areas are filled with people hence reducing the available natural surroundings, this is leaving more and more individuals feeling out of touch with nature, unmotivated and lost in their daily living. Biophilia has enjoyed much appraisal because the resources provided by natural landscape have been the back bone for the survival of human right from many generations back. If you can acknowledge that human existence depends on these resources, then embracing the deep underpinning and manifestation of biophilia in our culture today will be sought easy and straightforward.

More of human life is surrounded by the many free gifts of nature; for instance, with the sun only, we enjoy light, warmth and even the ability to grasp time of the day. The food that human consumes is as a result of nature’s free gift; we have the rivers that offers human water which can be used for bathing and drinking purposes. The trees are there to provide shelter during the day as well as a place to lay your head at night to sleep. Most of these nature’s resources have been eliminated by the actions of industrial development experienced in urban areas. Obviously, we are living in a more advance time with its amazing benefits, however, the yawning for natures touch constantly attracts more people to seek for a better surrounding. The reason why people are seeking for nature’s touch is simple; it provides the most reliable boost to the human physical and mental wellbeing.

Biophilia has the potential of improving productivity in people; this was also made known by a study that proved that there were significant changes in workers’ productivity due to viewing outdoors, exposure to daylight and biophilic building designs. In relation to increases productivity, the level of satisfaction among the workers was also increased. Biophilia helps people to appreciate nature more which in turn motivates them to protect the environment.

Healing and health is one of the most popular benefits of biophilia. Biophilia has been shown to provide effective outcomes regarding human health, also possesses healing capacity that have been known for centuries. It was also shown in a recent study that biophilic design can help a patient get well faster as well as the exposure to natural light and the views of nature can help in reduction of stress and pain in individuals.

Incorporating biophilic designs can provide habitat for selected targeted species which enhances the natural systems of the surrounding. Prolonged exposure to urban environments results to a reduction in workers’ productivity in the workplace, when this is not tackled it can lead to significant costs to any business.

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