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Marijuana Treatment In Dentistry and Medically Compromised Patient

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Is smoking Marijuana detrimental for your teeth? The pre-conceived notion that cigarettes aren’t good for molars, pre-molars, and incisors isn’t obscure; we’ve known this from antiquity. But what about smoking Marijuana? Is that alarming as well? Such questions might irritate you when it comes to your oral health. So, let us find the truth!

Research by Arizona State University

Arizona State University held a study to examine the effects of marijuana among a group of people who had been consuming it for two decades. They followed 1,037 New Zealanders ranging in ages from 18-38 and measured changes in dental health. The results showed that marijuana didn’t cast any severe effect on physical health.

However, there was a detour- people who used marijuana had increased chances of developing gum disease and deteriorated periodontal health, overall. People who used to smoke cigarettes had even worse periodontal health, but it’s acceptable that tobacco in any form would impact dental health.

Researchers were dismayed at as to why the marijuana was intervening in the grinders. According to dental administrators, one of the reasons for this descent lies in marijuana’s most irritating side effect: dry mouth or cotton mouth.

Adverse Effects Of Marijuana On Dental Health

  1. Dry mouth

Dry mouth is an ensuing result of the cannabinoids in marijuana impeding the production of saliva. Without saliva, bad bacteria and food remains don’t wash away from your teeth resulting in tooth deterioration. Dry mouth also contributes to gum disease. Gum disease can be treated and restrained, but without painstaking, it worsens until tooth loss occurs.

  • Dental plaque

Dental plaque is a congregation of bacteria in form of greasy yellow or white substance and leads to cavities and tooth decay. Unattended decay and cavities will lead you to perpetual aggravation with time, which might demand you an exorbitant and unpleasant root canal or tooth mining. Besides causing an ample amount of pain, tooth decay can lead you to profane breath and infection.

  •  Gum disease

Gum disease is another worse effect of marijuana on your dental health. You may face gums inflammation, swelling, aching, staining, bruising, and bleeding.

How to Avoid Marijuana effects on Dental Health?

Stay Hydrated

As marijuana leads to dry mouth, it is necessary to keep your mouth hydrated. But, make sure not to take soft drinks, energy drinks, and other juices because they increase plaque preservation in your mouth. So, shirk from using carbohydrates and remain hydrated with clean water.

Oral Cleanliness

Make sure to brush your teeth twice a day to maintain the oral health and avoid gum diseases. Also, floss your teeth on daily basis and after every meal.

Regular Dental Scrubbing

Marijuana users have an increased vulnerability due to recurrent dry mouth. Therefore, medical marijuana patients should be extra-meticulous when it comes to arranging regular dental scrubbings. The American Dental Association endorses at least one annual cleaning at a minimum, so marijuana patients may need to contemplate scheduling a cleaning every six months.

Is Medical Marijuana Harmful to Dental Health?

We have talked about the effect of marijuana but if we talk about medical marijuana, it is not bad for your teeth, tongue, gums, or lips.

That being said, dry mouth from smoking marijuana can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Fortuitously for medical marijuana addicts, it’s easy to elude these problems by following some elementary care tips. Whether you smoke marijuana or not, the best way to escape problems with your teeth is to brush, floss, and visit your dentist regularly. Good dental hygiene can help marijuana addicts escape impediments. And regular visits can address minor issues before they turn into major ones.

Last but not least, Needless to say, the combination of snacking and sluggishness is evil news for your teeth. Each time you accidentally slumber off without brushing, you give plaque and decay greater chance to take clutch. It’s tough to fight exhaustion when you’re on the edge of drifting off, but for the sake of your teeth, always make an effort to brush before you go to bed. If nothing else, at least keep some dental floss in your bedside drawer. A few years from now, you’ll be glad you did.

It’s never too late! Before addressing any issue related to your smile, gums, teeth cavity, and other oral or general health issue, consult with DR. Jean Jacques Edderai. Our dental prophylaxis and cleaning include every 3 to 4 months checkup to allow Dr. Edderai keep a watchful eye on your oral health, and prevent cavities and other minor issues before treatment starts.

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