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Application of Stem Cells in Dental Tissue Engineering: An Experiment


Stems cells in the body, also called as non-differentiated cells, have the astounding ability to help perform miracles. These stem cells can be categorized on the basis of specialized function, making the cells able to perform different functions for the body. Their ability of differentiation allows stem cells to help repair damaged tissues, tissue regeneration and perform specialized functions in certain parts of the body. Stem cells, therefore, have taken the spotlight in the field of science in recent years.

In the past few years, discoveries have been made regarding the use of stem cells in dental surgeries. With the help of these stem cells, it has been claimed that tissue regeneration in the tooth could be made possible. To gather the best stem cells available, dentists require young and healthy patients who have the greatest amount of stem cells present in their teeth. The cells, however, are not limited to these young patients. Teeth from older patients can also be used to extract stem cells for surgical purposes.

The dental stem cells can be extracted from a number of different ways. The 5 main extractions are listed below.

  • Stem cells of the dental pulp
  • Stem cells of primary tooth
  • Stem cells of apical papilles
  • Stem cells of the periodontal ligament
  • Precursor cell of dental follicle

The Experiment

An experiment undertaken in 2009 successfully showed how stem cells could be used to regenerate tissue. A group of 17 patients participated in this experiment. The patients were divided into 2 groups to see the results of an engineered surgery involving stem cells as compared to a control group without any use of stem cells.

The experiment was carried on for almost 3 months, at the end of which, the group with the stem cells surgery had shown considerable improvement in the rate of mineralization. Both groups showed a very concise difference in which the control group had significantly immature growth in the bone structure of the tooth.

Loss of a tooth can be a very difficult experience. Effecting the ability to chew and also damaging a person’s appearance, it is no doubt that patients of tooth loss would greatly welcome dental tissue regeneration surgeries. Numerous studies and certain experiments have shown that dental stem cells are an interesting prospect for the dental world. To progress further in this field and to completely dismiss the possibilities of side effects, a lot of research is still required. One of the obstacles, for example, that this study faces is that stem cells from another human may not be complemented by the teeth in another human. This case is known as a case of tissue rejection which may even be hazardous to health. Hence, there is a lot still to be done in the field.

However, with the quick advancements in scientific methods and technology, it is expected that science will make the breakthrough regardless of any obstacle it faces.

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