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How Fruit Helps Your Pregnancy

How Fruit Helps Your Pregnancy


Every mother wants what is best for her children, not just during pregnancy, but long into adulthood as well. There are countless books which discuss everything from pre-natal vitamins to educational toys, but from the moment of conception, women have a choice in the health of their baby and new research is confirming what we already knew… fruit is amazingly healthy for women.

The study, from the University of Alberta, suggest that when pregnant women eat large quantities of fruit during pregnancy, their children will get better test scores in the future. When women ate six to seven servings of fruit per day, their children performed better during developmental testing by the time they were one year of age than their counterparts did.

Over 3,500 Canadian infants and their families were involved in this study. Between the years, 2008 and 2011 over 800 pregnant women were recruited for the study. Their children’s progress was tracked when they were one, two, three, and five respectively.

Those who conducted the study were looking specifically at the cognitive development and the factors which influence it. They realized that the amount of fruit a mother eats while she is pregnant is one of the influential of all factors.

When the team from the University of Alberta combined efforts with the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry’s Division of Pediatric Neurology the research became more thorough. The Division of Pediatric Neurology had been studying the genetics of fruit flies and human beings, particularly focusing on cognition.

Though fruit flies and human beings are two very different species, they share roughly 85% of the genetics in the brain. This makes them useful to study when predicting how the human brain will react. The two groups hope that by combining their research, new insights into the human mind will be uncovered.


We know that with genetic engineering and alteration it would someday be possible to raise a child’s IQ. However, discovering a natural method not only enables mothers to have a hand in their child’s intelligence after conception but, also provides us with insight into how and why our minds work the way they do.

Many modern mothers are sacrificing nutrition and really depriving their baby of all of those nutrients necessary to start off their life healthy. It should not matter how busy you are as a mother-to-be, nutrition is vital. Unfortunately, we lack an emphasis on a proper diet in this country, particularly when it comes to pregnant women.

Many females are not taught the keys to a healthy pregnancy until after they are pregnant. Yes, we want women to be healthy then too, but if it was part of standard curriculum, women could take the right steps before they discover that they are pregnant.

I do also want to mention that being pregnant is a reason to go to the dentist more frequently. Your body is giving everything to the baby and it is often your dental health that will suffer. So, eat lots of fruit and make those dental appointments. Then when your child gets his or her first teeth, make an appointment with a good Pediatric dentist. Your baby and your body will thank you.

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