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The Deadly Anorexia Nervosa

The Deadly Anorexia Nervosa

As much as it is a self-imposed starvation, the effects of Anorexia nervosa can be deadly. Anorexia may appear not to be dangerous; however, the symptoms develop over a certain length of years. People with life experience predisposition, emotional issues as well as individuals with specific genetic situations are more susceptible to the medical condition. Anorexia nervosa often develop among females during their teenage years, though some eating disorder symptoms have been discovered in boys and girls in their pre-teens development years. The medical condition often occurs when an individual is overly concern about food intake to maintain the shape of their body and weight loss that leads to starvation.


Distinguishing the early signs of Anorexia nervosa with dieting and eating habit can be difficult because often, the symptoms can be attributed to other medical conditions making it more difficult to diagnose in the early stages. However, some physical examinations can review eating disorder symptoms some of them include; abnormal blood count, fatigue, amenorrhea (absence of menstruation), severe loss of weight, hair breakage, dehydration and loss of bone calcium resulting in broken bones. Other notable symptoms include abnormal heartbeats, heightened liver enzymes, constipation, inability to tolerate cold, low blood pressure, seizure as well as dizziness. Anorexia nervosa condition also has this signs, brittle nails, appearing thin and development of dry skin. It takes a professional to observe these signs and distinguish it from other medical conditions.

People with Anorexia nervosa will resist a change in eating habit, exercise excessively as well as restrict intake of food in a bid to continue weight and to prevent weight gain. Often, people with the condition engage in binge eating or purge soon after eating regular meals, and when the situation is not adequately treated, it might lead to being skeletal and they will also perceive themselves of being overweight. The causes of the condition are more alarming than an obsession with the shape of the body or having an unhealthy view of food. Though Anorexia is a self-imposed form of starvation, the process the medical condition takes is much more than just food. Someone suffering from the disease believes achieving a certain thinness or controlling the body and appetite is the means through which they can gain recognition and self-worth.

Though Anorexia is a psychological condition, if it is not curbed early, it behaves like a physical disease. Anorexia tends to worsen when the thoughts of foods are continually overshadowed by the feeling of being in shape. The effects are different depending on the severity. The worst impact of the condition is death, and other physical effects are often non-reversible, and these effects often lead to death among people with Anorexia. People with Anorexia usually have a disruption in career, and there is also the possibility of suicide. Other effects include loss of connection to religion or faith, a shutdown of vital body systems, and they might be forced to withdraw from school. It can lead to brain damage, infertility as well as heart attacks and isolation from family and friends.

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