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Stevia, a Healthy Sugar Alternative

Stevia, a Healthy Sugar Alternative

Stevia has become a healthy alternative to sugar. The natural sweetener possesses no single calorie which makes it an excellent option especially for individuals treating diabetes. Stevia has been considered an ideal choice for sugar for so many reasons among them is its ability to control the level of blood sugar. Stevia is gotten from a South American plant known as Stevia rebaudiana also known as sweetleaf.

Over the years, the plant extract has been utilised in different diet drinks and foods such as yogurts, soda, desserts and candy among several others. It is believed to be sweeter than ordinary table sugar and has been considered a healthy substitute for most foods and beverages. Besides stevia being a healthy alternative to sugar, consuming the plant extract releases a protein known as TRPM5, a content that participates in the release of insulin as well as in taste perception.


There are a lot of benefits why stevia offers a better alternative to sugar; it aids in weight loss and a perfect option for those on a diet as well as those that have diabetes. Stevia is an essential option for people with diabetes because in such a situation, sugar is possibly their worst enemies, and they need to satisfy their craving for sweet things. There are so many other health benefits that stevia is known to offer besides the known ones.

When talking about the natural sweetener what comes to mind is its ability to lower blood sugar levels. The plant extract contains a compound known as steviol glycoside. This compound cannot be broken down or absorbed by the body, so as such it can only be flushed out of the human systems. Stevia increases the insulin resistance of the body, thereby stabilises the blood sugar, it also inhibits the absorption of glucose as well as enhances the health of the pancreas.

Using stevia as an alternative to sugar will aid in healing wounds even faster than normal, this is another great benefit of the wonderful plant extract. It does this by inhibiting the growth of certain dreadful bacteria. It is also believed to be very useful in healing athlete’s foot as well as sores. A compound known as retinoic acid is contained in stevia, this compound is very active in thwarting the development of wrinkles. The process is done by stopping the breakdown of the cells of the skin primarily elastin and collagen. By doing this, it reduces the production of sebum thereby enhancing skin cells lifespan.

These are among the several benefits that stevia offers to the human system. However, in everything, moderation is the key. So it is essential to consult your doctor before consuming the plant extract.

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