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The Different Ways to Protect Your Immune System from Foreign Attacks

The Different Ways to Protect Your Immune System from Foreign Attack


Your immune system is responsible for keeping harmful bacteria at arm’s length. There are specific actions you take for granted not knowing their effects because your immune system is functioning as it such. Protecting the immune system is paramount because every day it continually fights against different foreign harmful bacteria and viruses that are continually trying to invade your cells or into your bloodstream to cause havoc to your body system. Though you don’t control your immune system, however, there are specific actions you can take in order to keep it functioning at the optimal level. If you want to live a healthy life, protecting your immune system through your actions should take centre stage in your daily lifestyle.

Maintaining good hygiene is the first line of action toward protecting your body against germs. Geed hygiene will help you to stop any form of infection before it gets into your body, it will also avoid the spread of these diseases to others. You can develop good hygiene by establishing the following habits. You should make sure you keep your hands clean and free from any form of dirt. Take care of these by washing your hands with water and soap after using the bathroom, and also make sure your hands are clean before touching any food.

Avoid squeezing of pimples with your hands to avoid germs from entering your body, also don’t pick at blemishes and wound with your hands. When coughing or sneezing, ensure you cover your nose and mouth with a tissue, and if you don’t have a cloth handy, then it is better coughing into your elbow than into your hand. Your diet is one crucial aspect of your life that you need to pay attention to if you want to protect your immune system. What you consume has a direct effect on the functionality of your body. Consume diets that are rich in power foods such as garlic, sweet potatoes, turmeric, shellfish, cinnamon, yoghurt, and mushrooms.

Get good night sleep. Regulating your sleep will help to improve the overall functioning of the body. Make sure you get nothing less than seven hours sleep every day. Depriving yourself of quality sleep will inevitably reduce the efficient operation of your immune system, and an immune system that is not performing its function the way it is supposed to will give bacteria and viruses easier passage to your body cells. Having a good night sleep will make you more strong and active during the day as well as help to strengthen and keep your immune system functioning optimally.

Exercise more often. Keeping your body active raises the body’s oxygen level which will help your body system to run smoothly and efficiently. A body that is working smoothly will also have a vibrant, energetic and properly functioning immune system. Observe the operation of your immune system by following these tips and protect it from the actions of bacteria and viruses and live longer enjoying your life!!

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