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The Health Benefits of Exercise

The Health Benefits of Exercise

The positive effects of exercise on human go beyond helping us live longer but improves the quality of our life. It is a known fact that doing regular workout enhances the performance of the heart and improves the appearance of muscles, engaging in exercise will also help the body to fight off potentially harmful attacks. Exercising will only add to the quality of someone’s life by bolstering productivity as well as enhancing overall emotional and mental functioning.

There are so many ways through which working out can add to the quality of life of an individual. Below are some of the ways exercising can benefit the body.

Exercise and Alzheimer’s disease

It has been found by several studies that there is a link between regular exercise and reduction in the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive kind of disease that living an Active lifestyle can prevent its occurrence, slow it down and is even capable of reversing the condition. An individual with Alzheimer’s disease experiences a reduction if motor capacity over time and in no time it will affect the neurological function of the person. What’s more important is that the training does not have to be intensive, engaging in any form of exercise can hamper the progress of degeneration of the brain in people treating Alzheimer’s disease.

Exercise burn fat

This point is a generally known fact that overweight people can shed some pound when they exercise. The amount of fat that they can burn depends on the type of training or exercise, some can burn as much as 1000 calories in one hour. Physical activity is one of the surest means of burning fat; even dieting can hardly achieve the same level of result. If you are serious about shedding some pound, you should consider working out more regularly. High-intensity interval training seems to provide the best result, so you should consider engaging in such an exercise to achieve a better result.

Enhances Sleep

One of the ways engaging in exercise benefits the body is by improving the quality of sleep. There are three ways that your sleep benefits from participating in exercising. First, it will help to minimise waking up when sleeping, someone who engages in regular exercise will spend more time during deep sleep, and the last point is you will fall asleep faster when you exercise regularly. Rest is essential to the body because it’s when people sleep that tissues in the body are repaired and renewed. Sleeping also gives the brain the chance to rest.

Good Depression fighter

Working out regularly releases hormones that elevate moods, this hormones enhances general health as well as relieves stress. It has been proven that there is a link between improved mood and regular exercise. No matter how minute the work out duration may be, it is known that it can alleviate serious emotional issues. Most exercise involves the rhythmic contraction of muscles, and this action improves the serotonin level in the brain which helps in fighting against negative feelings. Exercising is one of the surest means of fight-off depression.

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