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Tips for Preventing and Controlling High Blood Pressure

Tips for Preventing and Controlling High Blood Pressure


Heart disease is often associated with high blood pressure, and a lot of people are suffering from this chronic condition due to their lifestyle. Our way of life plays a significant role in how effective preventing or controlling high blood pressure will be. Though medications may appear as a way to monitor the effects of high blood pressure, however, it is imperative to know that a healthy lifestyle will help to reduce, delay or even avoid the need for you to take medications. By making changes in the way you lead your life, you can lower your blood pressure and avoid the risk of battling heart disease. Adopting a new lifestyle will help in preventing and controlling high blood pressure.

Shed some Weight

Obesity is one of the leading causes of high blood pressure. If you maintain a healthy weight, you stand a better chance of preventing and controlling high blood pressure. Shedding even a little quantity of weight contributes to a better blood pressure, it doesn’t matter how many pounds you lose, it will be helpful towards achieving a healthy weight.

Frequent Workout

Individuals that exercise regularly are less likely of developing high blood pressure compared to people that are not active in exercises. If you don’t exercise, you can incorporate small exercises into your daily routine; it doesn’t have to be massive, it is important to be active that’s the aim. The goal is to lower the risk of developing high blood pressure.

Minimise the Intake of Alcohol

If at all you want to take alcohol, minimizing the quantity is paramount to maintaining a healthy blood pressure. Excessive alcohol consumption increases the blood pressure. Limiting the amount of alcohol consumption to two drinks a day for men and a single drink a day for women is right to maintain the body’s blood pressure.

Eat meals with nutrients that help in the prevention of high blood pressure

The food that we consume determines how healthy we can be. Consuming diets that are high in high blood pressure preventive nutrients is imperative if you aim to win the war of accomplishing a good blood pressure rate. Some of the nutrients to look out for include calcium, potassium, magnesium, garlic and fish oil. These nutrients help in maintaining a healthy blood pressure.

Minimising the Consumption of Salt

High consumption of salt increases the rate at which blood pressure rises, and being that already have high blood pressure will experience a fall in their blood pressure. If you want to maintain a healthy blood pressure, minimising your salt intake is paramount.

Quit smoking

If you want a healthy blood pressure, quitting smoking is imperative because smoking increases your blood pressure. And besides reducing blood pressure, quitting smoking increases life expectancy.

Adopting these easy but effective life changing habit will help in maintaining a healthy blood pressure and prevent the risk of heart disease.

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